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The application of eco-solvent printing ink in inkjet eco-solvent printing machine

When it comes to eco-solvent printing ink, one thinks of outdoor photo machine advertising equipment, as well as the pungent ink smell. Solvent ink does not require the medium to be covered with a coating due to its special composition, and its volatilization speed is fast. The main component of the solvent-based ink is an organic solvent. Generally, ester and ketone solvents are used. In the process of combining with the medium, the medium is first swelled and then fused. The colorant in the ink and the substrate are tightly combined, so the solvent-based ink does not require the medium to be covered with a coating, and the ink evaporates quickly. Solvent-based inks are patents for outdoor large jets. They are specifically designed to deal with this ink: from the nozzle to the end of the pipeline to the cleaning unit, all have been adapted to this ink. Of course, the screens produced by solvent-based inkjet printers are generally not very accurate.

eco-solvent printing ink

1. What kind of piezoelectric photo machine is used for eco-solvent ink

Although many improvements have been made to eco-solvent printer inks, such as some efforts in environmental protection and more careful filtration, eco-solvent inks are always solvent-based inks, and some characteristics of solvent-based inks still exist.

(1). Quick-drying of ink

The fast-drying characteristics of eco-solvent ink make it more important to choose which photo machine to choose. The piezoelectric photo machine is not so picky about ink. It is its patent to clean the print head frequently.

(2). The main component of eco-solvent ink is still organic solvent

The main component of eco-solvent ink is organic solvent, which is more corrosive and chemical reaction than the commonly used water-based ink. Therefore, it is a pity that the new piezoelectric printer uses eco-solvent ink.

eco-solvent printing ink

2. What kind of ink adding method is used for eco-solvent ink to print?

Due to some characteristics of inkjet eco-solvent ink, it is necessary to use continuous supply carefully. I have seen some friends use eco-solvent ink, the outer ink cartridge leaks, the elbow connecting the ink pipeline is blocked, and the print head is broken. Facts have also proved that it is best to reduce some links in the use of eco-solvent ink. For example, if you use the refillable cartridge directly, if it feels good, continue to use it and if it feels wrong, you will immediately brake. Take out the refillable ink cartridge with eco-solvent ink, manually clean the nozzle, and then reinstall the original dye or pigment continuous supply. Of course, during the use of refillable ink cartridges for eco-solvent inks, some choices must be made for the refillable cartridges, and it is also necessary to observe whether they are suitable for refilling eco-solvent inks.