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Sublimation transfer printer-how to make manual inkjet compensation for its print head?

If there are clogged nozzles on the ink cartridge of the sublimation transfer printer, you can disable these nozzles so that the printer can replace the clogged nozzles with other nozzles. Only then can you continue printing and get better print quality without having to clean the ink cartridges. This process is called manual inkjet compensation. This operation describes how to manually compensate for blocked nozzles.

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After the inkjet sublimation printer is used for a period of time, the ink cartridges will age, electrical failure or nozzle clogging may occur. Once the nozzle has an electrical failure, it can no longer be used. At this time, the photo machine will automatically compensate the nozzles that have electrical failures. However, the printer will not automatically compensate for completely or partially blocked nozzles. The problem of this type of nozzle must be solved by one of the following two methods: for nozzles that are in poor working condition, by cleaning the ink cartridge or by manual compensation. Cleaning is the best repair method, but it is also time-consuming. You must clean and re-clean the ink cartridges, run a color test, print the initial file, and perform a color calibration. Generally speaking, if you are printing a lot, you will not have time to clean the malfunctioning ink cartridges. At this time, if there are problems such as micro-stripe phenomenon or poor print quality in the image, you should print the initial sample, determine which nozzles are blocked and manually close these nozzles, so that the printer can be replaced with new nozzles. Continue printing and clean the ink cartridges after printing.If you have manually replaced the 20 nozzles in the ink cartridge, we especially recommend that you clean the ink cartridge instead of replacing another nozzle.

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Print the initial sample through the cleaning function of sublimation printing machine to determine which nozzles are malfunctioning or clogged. Once you have identified the nozzles that are clogged and that are not jetting, you can use the Open Nozzle menu option to close the individual nozzles that are malfunctioning. In addition, the clogged nozzle can resume normal operation without intervention, so the previously clogged nozzle should be opened at intervals. There is also an option in the Open Nozzle menu to print the list of currently closed nozzles, and an option to clear the list of all closed nozzles so that all nozzles are reopened. Generally speaking, only use this option when installing a new ink cartridge to clear any previously manually compensated settings.