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Wide format inkjet uv printer-how many nozzles is better to choose?

The number of wide format inkjet uv printer nozzles is mainly determined by the following factors: the four major elements of the manufacturer's technical level, process requirements, nozzle characteristics, and color requirements.

wide format inkjet uv printer

1. The technical level of uv flatbed printer manufacturers:

This has a very big impact, some manufacturers can make six-color uv printing equipment, some can make eight-color equipment, and some can make nine-color equipment. When choosing a uv printer, you must understand the situation in advance to avoid buying a four-color uv printer in the early stage and upgrading it later.

2. uv flatbed printer process requirements:

It mainly refers to whether the printing pattern needs embossing effect. If necessary, a nozzle is needed to print white ink. Whether it is necessary to print varnish, if necessary, also need to add an additional nozzle. Do you 
need faster printing modes, such as double four-color, double six-color, etc.

3. Characteristics of uv flatbed printer nozzle:

The characteristics of different nozzles are different, some nozzles can produce eight colors per head, and some nozzles produce 1 color per head.

4. Color requirements of uv flatbed printer:

In addition to the basic four colors, there are six colors, eight colors, nine colors and even higher eleven colors, so the number of corresponding nozzles is completely different.

wide format inkjet uv printer

As a universal printer, the uv printer is a machine and equipment that can print as long as it is a flat material. It is the first choice for the printing industry. No matter what material it is or what industry it is, I believe that choosing a uv printer will not go wrong, and it will definitely bring benefits and wealth.

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