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Domestic digital printing machine is the best choice for the printing industry

The application of domestic digital printing machine has been very extensive, and the demand for piezoelectric printers in the inkjet printing market at home and abroad is increasing every year. The rapid development of inkjet printing technology and the multi-functional and multi-purpose development of photo machine products are bringing more surprises to the inkjet printing industry.

domestic digital printing machine

Users often choose large format inkjet printers based on the rigid standard of cost performance. Nowadays, domestic photo printers are just in line with the characteristics of super value and cost performance, and they are the best choice for inkjet users. The domestic photo machine technology has become mature and stable. The photo machine produced is comparable to imported machines in terms of printing accuracy, speed and performance, and the price is much cheaper than imported machines, and most users can consume it. Since the domestic photo machine is very convenient after sales, customers will naturally prefer the domestic photo machine in the face of such a cost-effective product.

Although the domestic photo machine is the best choice for users, no matter how the domestic photo machine is superior and cost-effective, you, as a user, should use and maintain the domestic photo machine correctly.

1. Before operating the equipment, you must check whether the power supply and the equipment are operating normally, pay attention to the protection of static electricity, and install the ground wire of the equipment. When using and maintaining the machine, be sure to turn off the power first and take anti-static measures.

2. Keep machinery, equipment and tools clean and tidy at all times, and maintain their good performance; regularly maintain the machine to reduce the impact of dust, ink, etc. on the machine. For the online computer of  the photo machine, the relevant computer system pictures and files should be sorted and cleaned up in time to ensure that the hard disk has enough space and the computer is running normally.

3. Frequently check the sealing of each tube interface of the ink supply system of the photo machine and the smoothness of the ink supply pipeline, check whether the ink supply of the ink cartridge is normal, and ensure that there is no air leakage at the ink supply tube interface of the nozzle and no ink in the ink supply tube. Air bubbles, otherwise insufficient ink supply will occur.

4. In the daily use of the photo machine, the ink cartridges should be refilled in time. Especially when the printer is outputting pictures, you should check whether the ink capacity of the ink tank of the printer is sufficient. When the 
ink is insufficient, you should make up the ink in time to avoid insufficient ink consumption during the process of drawing and affecting the drawing. Correctly add the corresponding color ink for each color cartridge, and don't 
add the wrong ink to cause the mixed use of different inks.

5. The inkjet printing machine should have a full-time operator on duty when printing long images, to avoid errors in the photo machine's drawing for a long time or problems found during the drawing process, and to deal with it in time to avoid wasting printing paper or ink.

The use and maintenance of the domestic photo machine should pay attention to the various inspections and maintenance before and after the use of the photo machine, so that it will not only get twice the result with half the effort. It can also increase the service life of the photo machine, and obtain a more generous profit return with less investment costs.

domestic digital printing machine

With the rapid development of inkjet printing technology, domestic electrophotographic machines have more stable performance, more mature piezoelectric inkjet technology and high-speed and high-precision printing. Let 
the advertising spray painting can achieve low prices, high-quality pictures, and more satisfying printing effects. This application environment has greatly promoted the needs of customers, and more and more equipment merchants and users have purchased equipment. The increase in the number of equipment has promoted the confidence of advertisement producers. Of course, it also promotes the rapid development of the advertising inkjet industry, and the domestic photo machine is the best choice for the inkjet industry.