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Sublimation transfer printer-a good power supply is very important to it

The work of the sublimation transfer printer is inseparable from the power supply, and some people think that the power supply in the printer equipment is irrelevant. In fact, a good photo machine is also inseparable from a good power configuration.

sublimation transfer printer

Only a sublimation printing machine with a high-quality power supply can provide stable and sufficient power during the operation of the photo machine, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the photo machine. Most of the products promoted on the market do not indicate the parameters and information of the power supply of the photo machine. But one thing you must understand is that the quality of the power supply is a crucial factor that affects the stability of the photo machine.

Everyone knows that the input voltage of the photo machine is 220v. Although a switch is used to control the power supply, the working voltage of each part of the photo machine is not very high. Therefore, if the photo machine is equipped with a power supply, the input voltage can be reduced to the rated power of the machine parts voltage. For example, the nozzle voltage is 42v, while the main board and other parts are 24v. If the voltage is too high, the parts will be burned, and the voltage is too low and it will not work properly. A good power supply can not only ensure the stability of the printer, but also effectively protect the printer's nozzle and motherboard from burnt out.

sublimation transfer printer

The general brand of inkjet sublimation printer manufacturers use high-quality accessories to install the machine, and the power supply is no exception. However, some manufacturers' overall strength is not strong, production  technology and technology are backward, which prevents them from competing with powerful manufacturers, so they will sell at lower prices, so some parts of the photo machine equipped will lower the standards in the  procurement of some parts. As a result, the price of the purchased spare parts has been reduced, which will definitely reduce the quality standard of these spare parts. Photographic machine power is no exception, they must use this method to maintain profits. This has led to consumers being harmed unknowingly. Therefore, if you buy a photo machine, you must buy a regular brand photo machine.