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The choice of chinese oric inkjet printer is more cost-effective and reliable

If you are a member of the inkjet printing industry, it is essential to have a chinese oric inkjet printer. However, how is the best choice for choosing a photo machine? How to choose between imported photo machine and domestic photo machine? Believe that cost performance is your primary criterion.

chinese oric inkjet printer

The characteristics of the following domestic photo printers can even show that it is more reliable to choose domestic photo printers, for example, oric high-performance photo printers are more cost-effective:

1. Affordable price: independent design and research and development, technology, materials and machine assembly, etc., the cost of investment is affordable, so that the cost of domestic photo machine is more affordable for imported photo machine.

2. The oric large format inkjet printer is stable: new technology application, multi-functional expansion; high-quality materials, strictly in accordance with industrial standards, high-requirement design technology, make the machine operate more smoothly, give full play to its high performance, and achieve high-efficiency inkjet printing.

3. Easy to operate: Multi-function operation control panel design, using automatic lifting ink absorption system, making nozzle maintenance and operation easier. Fully intelligent nozzle protection technology, the nozzle realizes all-round intelligent protection; the large-capacity ink supply system thoroughly achieves a long-lasting continuous printing effect, which is easier to fill with ink.

4. High configuration: All oric  photo machines are high configuration, high-end stable and heavy frame, standard retractable paper system, drying system, support DX5 nozzle, 5113 nozzle, support single and double nozzle printing. Make large-format inkjet printing faster and more accurate. The precise paper movement system minimizes material deviation and curling.

5. Long life: Intelligent inkjet printing technology, high-performance inkjet control system, better protection of the nozzles, so that the nozzles always maintain the best printing status. The high-power brushless servo motor is used to precisely control the printing movement system to maintain strong power and achieve high-precision printing and long service life.

chinese oric inkjet printer

On the other hand, it is more convenient for domestic printers to replace parts and common consumables. The replacement and maintenance of parts are easier to buy and can be repaired in a more timely manner. Ink and other consumables also have better compatibility.

Although domestic digital printing machines on the market are also divided into high-end and low-end prices, they are in terms of price advantages. It is also a good start for the majority of entrepreneurs, to better reduce costs and risks of entrepreneurship, and to recover costs as soon as possible. In today's competitive economic market, this is also a good choice, and the choice of domestic printers is more cost-effective.