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When the digital inkjet printing machine malfunctions, how to solve the problem?

The digital inkjet printing machine is a very good machine, there will be no big problems in the application process, but if the consumer uses it for a very long time. Then, because of some parts inside or some external factors, there may be problems, so everyone should pay attention to maintenance during normal use. If you should also pay attention to excellent maintenance when you are not using it, then you can make this kind of machine have a better environment for placing it, and it can also play its role well when working.

digital inkjet printing machine

How to solve the digital textile printer failure? For this issue, everyone should be more concerned. Because I bought such a machine and used it for a long time, there may be no way to solve some of the problems that arise. After all, all I can do is use and maintain such a machine. If you talk about repairing yourself, there may be certain difficulties. Under this background, you can solve it in two ways: one is that you can call the manufacturer's phone in time, so that the manufacturer can send professional personnel. For inspection and repair, the other is that I have previous experience in this area, and I can find the cause in time for some problems. Regardless of the method, everyone's goal is to keep this machine running.

After the printer has been used for a long time, it may cause blockage of the nozzle. In such a situation, you need to carefully understand the reasons inside. Only when you find the key parts can you know how to solve it. Faced with such a problem, experts in the industry gave a corresponding analysis, that is, the impurities inside are slowly settling down. If it accumulates to a certain amount, it will cause the nozzle of this kind of machine to block, of course there will be some exceptions. For example, because the ink I used has a relatively strong acidity, it caused the nozzle to be corroded. If it belongs to the former situation, you can clean the nozzles in time. If it belongs to the latter situation, you need to replace the ink and nozzles in time.

The printer may also appear, and the printing speed is relatively slow. To put it simply, when a part of the machine swings, the speed will slow down. For such a problem, you can consult professionals in the industry. The main reason is that you have made corresponding changes to the ink cartridges inside. Such a change will often cause a burden on the printing equipment inside. After a long period of time, printing will become slower, and the pre-installed belt inside may slowly age. Some of these situations are relatively common, and it is best for everyone to find a solution in time.

digital inkjet printing machine

If you want to know what to do if the large format digital printer has the above problems, you can solve it through the following introduction. First of all, after such a problem occurs, the motor should be replaced. This way, the machine can be started well, and the replacement will have a better effect. In addition, the lubrication lever should have a certain adjustment, it is best to add some lubricant. This is something that needs to be done frequently so that the failure can be solved well. The last aspect is that the belt should be replaced in time, which can reduce the aging of this kind of parts.