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Piezo inkjet photo machine-the choice of printing is more inclined to it

High-definition piezo inkjet photo machine makes the color inkjet surface more vivid and realistic, and the large and wide application makes large-scale inkjet printing more efficient and convenient. The rapid development of inkjet printing technology, the user's choice of inkjet printing is more toward piezoelectric inkjet photo machine.

Piezo inkjet photo machine

Large inkjet printing machine is currently the most common color inkjet printing device. It has a wide range of uses, and can be used to print documents, print graphics, advertising graphic printing, high-definition character portraits, landscape pictures, etc. Not only in advertising printing It is widely used in the industry and widely used in other decoration industries and commodity manufacturing industries.

What is the difference between the inkjet methods of large inkjet printers? Large inkjet photo printers use inkjet liquid inkjet inkjet printers, liquid inkjet printers have its more convenient features, its unique characteristics and 
the color of the printed out is better.

In the liquid inkjet color digital printing equipment, it also has two methods: bubble inkjet printing and liquid piezoelectric inkjet printing, which is our common thermal foam inkjet photo machine ( Inkjet machine) and  piezoelectric photo machine.

The bubble jet method uses the heating of the nozzle, the ink generates bubbles, which can be sprayed onto the printing material well, and the printing is faster, but heating the ink will affect the printing effect of the ink, and the 
printing effect is unstable. The ink will undergo some changes during the heating process, which is an important reason for the poor printing effect. Another aspect is that the direction in which the ink is ejected is not easy to 
control, and the amount of ink ejected is not easy to control, which has a great influence on the effect of the printer and sometimes a large deviation occurs. In recent years, inkjet printing users and businesses have higher requirements for large-size color inkjet printing. Regardless of printing speed and printing accuracy, users require better inkjet printing results. Therefore, thermal foam inkjet printing The machine can no longer meet the rapidly developing high-precision inkjet industry.

inkjet printer

The printing equipment of piezoelectric inkjet technology narrows the area of ink ejection, uses crystal pressure discharge, and ejects ink stably at room temperature. It has strong ink control capability and can achieve high-
precision printing quality. No heating is required, which lowers the standard, but At the same time improve the print quality. The piezoelectric photo machine under the application of piezoelectric inkjet technology not only 
prints more stable, but also has efficient controllability of inkjet printing of ink droplets. For example, the Mutoh series high-performance piezoelectric photo machine can effectively improve the clarity of the printed image screen and the faster printing speed, which can shorten the production period of the large-sized inkjet painting surface and improve the production efficiency. It fully meets the rapidly developing inkjet industry today. It is more popular with people in the industry, so the choice of inkjet printing is more towards the printer.