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Sublimation printing machine-its computer operating system should be correctly selected and used

The selection of the sublimation printing machine's online computer and the correct selection of the operating system are very important. Because the normal use of the computer and operating system will directly affect the installation of the printer driver, online and normal layout and data output of the RIP software.

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Many of the inkjet sublimation printer online computers used by many users are computers assembled in the electronic city or computer store. The operating system is often installed in the GHOST version. However, most of these GHOST systems have undergone streamlining, system modification, optimization and pre-processing. Install related program software and plug-ins. Under the use of these operating systems, the driver installation of the photo machine and the installation of related RIP operation software are prone to compatibility problems. For example, the USB photo machine online interface driver cannot be installed, and there are problems such as card screens and unresponsive installation programs during the software installation process.

In addition, the operating system that GHOST quickly installs often integrates many unknown malicious plug-ins and programs, which is easy to cause compatibility problems with software related to the photo machine. On the other hand, it is easy to infect malicious forms such as Trojan horses during use, which affects the use of RIP software related to the photo machine. For example, the software cannot start normally, use pop-up error windows, slow data transmission, incomplete data transmission, or data loss during the printing output of the photo machine. These are all prone to cause faults in the photo machine printing.

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If the above problems often occur during the use of the sublimation transfer printer, users are advised to check and kill the computer operating system for viruses and malicious programs, or reinstall the computer operating system, and choose to install the operating system or the pure version of the GHOST system. , Such as windows XPwin 7 32-bit, 64-bit pure version or installed version of the operating system. During the installation of the photo driver and related RIP software, if there is a relevant anti-virus software interception, please read the prompt of interception and choose to allow installation, or temporarily quit the relevant computer anti-virus software when installing the driver and Mengtai software. In addition, we should pay attention to that the multi-installation of anti-virus software is not safe, but it is prone to conflicts. If it is installed at the same time, it may cause malfunctions such as computer jamming of the online printout of the photo machine. It is recommended to install one of them.