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What is the focus of digital printer users in the field of wide format printing

In recent years, revolutionary changes have taken place in the large-format field, and digital printers have been favored. It has gradually penetrated into many industries such as advertising and decorative photography. With the continuous maturity and improvement of large format photo machine technology. Piezoelectric photo machines have developed rapidly around the world, especially large-format photo machines have become popular in my country's advertising industry. Many advertisers see the immense business opportunities in it and invest most of their human capital in this field. As a result, the industry has prospered rapidly, so it has become a hot spot for industry investment in recent years.

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Let's analyze the focus of users of wide-format photo machine:

1. Brand and performance of wide format photo machine.

Excellent product performance and leading product technology of digital inkjet printers are the guarantee of brand and quality. Well-known brand photo machines represent profound technology, continuously upgraded products and sound services. Therefore, on the one hand, we focus on the selection of well-known brand photo machines, on the one hand, consider the performance of photo machines. Does the workload of this photo machine meet our needs? Can the printing speed of the photo machine meet the maximum output per unit time? Does the printing format of the photo machine meet different printing needs? What is its resolution, can the output accuracy 
of the photo machine meet the stringent quality requirements of the inkjet industry?

2. After-sales service of wide format photo machine manufacturers.

Service is the basic factor for us to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of an inkjet photo machine. Since the large format photo machine is a highly sophisticated and consumable hardware device, some problems will inevitably occur after a long time of use, such as clogging of the print head of the photo machine, mechanical failure, etc., the general user does not have the ability to repair it by himself. Therefore, good after-sales service and technical support for wide-format photo printers are very important for users. Since we do not have our own technical staff, when the photo machine fails, it will affect the normal output, especially when the customer's  requirements are very tight. A small problem will make us in a hurry and work will be out of order! At this time, manufacturers must provide timely services.

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3. Can the wide-format photo machine realize profit?

What kind of large-format digital printing machine is most suitable for inkjet printing? What our inkjet printer is looking at is whether the wide-format photo machine can bring profits to itself. What businessmen value is that the  business activities they engage in can bring him profits. How can inkjet dealers make money? Under the same market conditions, whoever provides better quality of service, higher added value, and lower prices, who will have  more customers and thus more profits. While providing high-quality services to customers, it is also necessary to effectively save costs to maximize profits.