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Bulk Ink System For Roland/Muton Inkjet Printer(1)

bulk ink system

Your business requires a large volume of printing, then go to the great inkingt, to reduce your cost of consumables. We can provide you with any big brand ink kit for roland digital plotter, Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson, HP ...
These great ink kits allow you to print hundreds of square meter without changing cartridges, ideal for large digital printer and plotter cutting format, rolls or flat. express-impression.com delivers your large inking kit throughout France and Europe and has the widest range of market inks, eco solvent ink, UV ink or dye sublimation ink.
 bulk ink
A great example of ink printer platform kit:
Kit large ink cartridges Roland 12:
The system of the great Roland inking kit consists of:
1. 6 1.5 liter cans of base and four independent outputs doubled.
2. 12 300ml cartridges compatible with integrated adjustable floats to optimize the ink pressure in the large-compatible ink Mimaki Roland kit.
3. 12 closures valves. 48 connectors to connect the cans with cartridges and valves. 48 O-rings to seal the large ink roland kit.
4. 24 tubes for inking eco solvent or UV.