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Advertising printing equipment-several factors that affect its "central nerve is the nozzle"

The rapid development of the advertising industry has prompted the continuous updating and improvement of advertising printing equipment. Piezoelectric photo machines occupy the position of the number one big brother in the current market, and they are recognized as high-speed and stable. It is a "money printing machine" for the advertising industry to get rich. If the photo machine does not pay attention to maintenance and care during 
operation, it will be a double-edged arrow. Advantages and disadvantages. The central part of the photo machine is also the nozzle. Now let us analyze the reasons that cause the nozzle to block:

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1. Ink problems.

In order to speed up the printing speed of the eco-solvent printing machine and make the ink dry quickly, the ink manufacturer will add a large amount of desiccant to it, causing the ink to evaporate and dry. Out of ink. If it is small, it will waste ink, but if it burns the nozzle of the photo machine, it will not help. Choosing the best quality ink is your wise move.

2. Environmental issues.

Everyone knows that the temperature is different throughout the year, the environment makes the viscosity of the ink increase or decrease, the fluidity of the liquid with too high viscosity deteriorates, and the amount of ink ejected per unit time is insufficient; and the too low viscosity can easily cause the piezoelectric crystal to suck back air. An empty burn problem occurred. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to cooling the ink in summer and heat preservation in winter. It is recommended to place it in the working environment for more than 24 hours to avoid mixing different batches of ink.

3. The filter is clogged.

Outdoor photo machine oil-based ink is generally made of pigments, and its particle size is large. The internal filter of the nozzle is not cleaned for a long time and it is easy to be blocked by attachments, reducing the flow cross-sectional area of the photo machine ink, which eventually causes ink breakage and damages the photo Machine nozzle.

4. The piezoelectric crystal is damaged.

The piezoelectric photo machine mainly relies on the physical change of the piezoelectric crystal to control the inkjet process, and the service life of a photo machine nozzle should be more than one year, which can be printed 
approximately 2000 square meters. If it is overloaded for a long time, the internal components are often worn out.

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During the operation, if you encounter the clogging of the nozzle of the piezoelectric advertising eco-solvent printer, you must first analyze the cause and find the direction before solving it, so as not to cause more problems by blind processing.