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Piezoelectric photo machine-analysis of its advantages of single head and double head

The development and function of piezoelectric photo machine technology continue to improve. In addition to the continuous expansion of printing width, the multi-nozzle printing machine has gradually entered the market. For users, should we choose a single-head photo machine or a dual-head photo machine when buying a photo machine?

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The speed and accuracy of the digital inkjet printer has been a qualitative leap for the thermal foam photo machine. Using the seventh generation of the Epson piezoelectric nozzle, the printing accuracy can reach 1440dpi, and the high speed of about 33 square meters per hour print. For example, the Roland RA-640 photo machine, a high-precision, high-speed, and low-cost photo machine with dual 4-color high-speed printing, is a classic product of imported photo machines.

The single nozzle is also the method adopted by the traditional printing machine. The single head photo machine can already achieve such performance and printing speed. For the dual-jet printer, it is a speed flyby. The dual-head photo machine we usually talk about is a printing machine that uses two nozzles to print at the same time, such as the XF-640 dual-head photo machine. Using two Epson seventh-generation piezoelectric nozzles, with ink droplet controllable technology, the output image is more perfect, the bright parts are more delicate, the dark parts are more gorgeous, and the transition is more uniform. High-quality motor, fast printing speed, high precision, new dual-nozzle small frame design, intelligent automatic ink stack, domestic leading dual-nozzle printing technology, suitable for large-scale advertising spray painting as screen output. High-speed printing and large ink supply system save you time and cost.

At the same time, the dual print head prints at the same time, the speed is faster, and the speed can be roughly understood as multiplying by 2, which is double the speed of the single head photo machine. This speed is also a high-quality feature of the double head photo machine.

However, as to whether the single head or the double head of the digital printing machine is better, it also depends on how the user views it, and choose and buy according to your needs. In fact, the similarities and differences between the single head photo machine and the double head photo machine, the printing accuracy theory As above, the single-head accuracy is actually better than the double-head accuracy. In terms of stability performance, single-head stability may be slightly used for double-head photo machines. Why do you say this? After all, single-head photo machines also have many years of technology and experience. The related nozzle control technology is relatively mature, and the machine is also very It is stable and easy to maintain. However, the dual-head machine also supports the selection of nozzles to work independently, that is, the dual-head to single-head mode. It is only in the past two years that the dual-head photo machine has begun to face users, which is also oriented to increase the speed of the print output of the photo machine.

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For the price of single-head photo machine and double-head photo machine, the price of double-head photo machine is more expensive than that of single head. Also high. For general users, it is recommended to use a single-head digital printer. If there are not many orders and there are not too many requirements for printing speed, the speed of the single-head photo machine can already be met, and the single-head machine is relatively It is much more stable than the double head. For example, choosing the RA-640 indoor outdoor photo machine can already meet the needs of most users' business volume, and has good stability.