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Can ordinary protective face mask pad gauze prevent new pneumonia?

Recently, some netizens suggested online that the ordinary protective face mask pad gauze in the inner layer of ordinary masks can prevent the spread of new pneumonia more effectively and play a better effect. So is this true?

Expert reply: fake! The effect will not be significantly improved, but will also increase the chance of infection!

Mask pad

The reason why medical surgical masks can play a protective role is that the inside and outside of the masks have specially treated surface layers and filter layers. And ordinary masks don't! Even the cushion gauze does not have the same effect and cannot intercept or adsorb the tiny particles in the air!

So stop fooling around with gauze or paper towels!

When should I wear a mask?

1. When going to the hospital.

 2. When taking public transportation.

3. During the high flu incidence, you need to stay in a relatively closed or crowded space for a long time.

4. If there is a colleague or classmate who has a cold in an office or a school class.

5. When the patient comes into close contact with people.

What kind of mask is suitable?

At present, the common masks on the market can be divided into three categories, medical surgical masks, medical protective masks (N95 masks), and ordinary cotton yarn masks. Medical surgical masks generally have three layers, from the outside to the inside are the waterproof layer, the filter layer, and the comfort layer. The comfort layer is a layer of gauze. The medical surgical mask can block 70% of pathogens.

Medical protective masks (N95 face masks) commonly used N95 masks are actually divided into two types, one is a biological mask (blue-green), model 1860 or 9132; one is a dust mask (white), model 8210. Citizens should choose biological protective masks when buying. N95 masks can block 95% of pathogens.

The material of cotton yarn masks may be cotton cloth, gauze, wool, canvas and velvet. Because the material itself is not dense enough to prevent infection, it can only block 36% of pathogens.

Experts said that citizens should choose the first two masks, for the purpose of self-protection and reducing the risk of respiratory tract infection, wearing the first two masks (that is, medical surgical masks and N95 masks).

Face mask

If you are going to a general open-air public place and are not in close contact with patients with respiratory tracts, it is sufficient to wear a medical surgical mask without excessive protection.However, if it comes into contact with 
patients suspected of having respiratory infections, it is necessary to wear bio-protective N95 masks to provide effective protection.

If the it needs face gaskets, you should choose gaskets made of melt-blown cloth and non-woven fabric, so as to play a protective role.