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Wide format uv inkjet printing machine-how to judge the market prospect

With the development of wide format uv inkjet printing machines, with its own advantages, it quickly occupied the printing industry market, occupying 60% of the market share. With the continuous development of the times, people's living standards are increasing day by day, and their requirements for life are becoming higher and higher. The previous printed products can no longer meet people's aesthetic needs. The emergence of uv flatbed printers can fill this gap, and printed products have won people's favorite, which has produced huge economic benefits. Stimulated by huge benefits, more and more people are engaged in this industry, and more and more people are studying the printing effect of uv flatbed printers. As a result, the uv flatbed printer technology is continuously improved, and new technologies are continuously applied to the uv printer, thereby forming a virtuous circle.

Wide format uv inkjet printing machine

In recent years, the uv flatbed printers launched in the printer market have been well received by users in the printing and color printing industries, and have good performance and extensive printing technology, and have a good development and survival path in the entire printing industry. This is mainly because the uv flatbed printer can perfectly realize personalized customized printing. With the trend of people's life, from simple and quick printing pictures and text to personalized customization, it not only realizes simple and traditional printing, but also realizes arbitrary printing. You can print your favorite clothes, cups, wallets, glass, tiles, anything you can think of.

The development trend of the uv inkjet printer industry is an upward trend.The scope of its application is very wide.From common graphics, advertising printing, packaging, clothing, jewelry, etc., most companies are increasingly leaning towards brands and using color printing products. With the gradual increase, the demand for simple black-and-white simple packaging posters and the like is rarely seen on the market, which also increases the demand for UV flatbed printers.

What is the prospect of investing in the uv printer market? The uv printer has a wide range of applications and has begun to enter the high-end business.

1. Advertising signage industry

The production of hard signs in advertising, transportation, electricity and other industries is also a beneficiary of uv flatbed printers. UV printers that use UV ink can be directly painted onto the final sign material, such as metal, reflective film, wood, plastic, etc. In the traditional method: screen printing or spray printing on the film material with adhesive. Then paste it on again, which not only reduces the process, reduces the cost, but also increases the firmness.

2. Rigid paper packaging industry

Another very specific target application area for uv digital printers is packaging, a large industry that is expected to exceed $80 billion in the global market. At present, packaging companies that mainly use flexographic printing, screen printing and stencil printing can purchase uv flatbed printers for proofing and direct output for small-volume customized customers.

3. Leather textile printing industry

The traditional screen-printed leather and textile printing have high plate-making costs and require textures. Therefore, most high-end products have few mid- and low-end products, and there are no transitional colors. Leather printing using thermal transfer technology, the material becomes hard after heating, and the color changes. These weaknesses of leather printing all need new technology to solve, that is flatbed printing technology.

4. Exhibition industry

The production of POP panels used in on-site promotions, outlet displays, museums and exhibition construction is the most important application of wide-format images-that is, digital printing, printing or screen printing, which accounts for the wide format 42% of the image market. If it is printed directly on hard plates with UV ink, such as: KT plate, acrylic plate, plexiglass plate, etc., it reduces the trouble of coating, color, and foaming in the past, and saves a lot of labor, and you can finally wave. Say goodbye to the heavy and time-consuming burden of mounting flexible prints on hard media: work.

5. Decoration and decoration industry

Decorations and special products are professional personalized markets, such as: art glass, decorative ceramics, wooden crafts, furniture, fake metal wrenches, ceilings, curtains, etc. This market is characterized by high hand-processed ingredients and production The efficiency is low, and there are many short version businesses, which is very suitable for replacing with digital inkjet technology. At least 30% of uv flatbed printers are currently used in unique personalized markets.

UV inkjet printing machine

The technology of UV digital printers is also constantly being reformed and updated, in advanced decoration and other industrial applications. uv printer technology is exquisite, high precision, fast speed, low cost, many manufacturers began to introduce. The UV printer can be suitable for small batches of personalized production, and can meet the requirements of large batches of large batches of production. It can work continuously for 24 hours, replacing the low-efficiency and low-capacity mobile I or semi-automatic screen printing market. , A computer,-individual workers can meet production needs, save a lot of manpower and material resources, in addition to solving the high cost and high inventory problems of traditional production methods, and its personalized production characteristics have expanded printed products The scope of business has stimulated the growth of demand. It is a representative of emerging productivity, and its rich profit space has become a new investment hot.