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Face mask machine-do you know how to care and maintain it?

We should all know the performance and operation of face mask machine methods as well as maintenance methods, so let's talk about how to maintain and repair the labor protection mask machine?

Face mask machine

1. Appearance:

The masks produced by our mask equipment are to be worn on the face, and some medical masks need to be brought into the operating room, so all the mask production needs is to keep the equipment clean and tidy. After the end, arrange to turn off the power equipment workbench and clean it with alcohol and other disinfectant and volatile cleaning liquid.

2. Transmission system:

The transmission system of the labor protection mask machine includes motors, speed reducers, gears, sprockets, chains, belts and other accessories. Check the motor for the presence of dust and other things that affect the heat dissipation. When the gears and sprockets are oiled regularly, there is something attached On top. Whether the tension of the chain is appropriate, whether there is loose connection between the transmission parts of the screw, and whether the lubricating oil of the speed reducer is sufficient within 1000-1500 hours, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced once.

3. Electrical system:

Check whether the circuit connector of the labor protection mask machine is loose, and the power cable and signal cable are worn out? Ageing? Loose electrical components? Whether the electrical box is clean and dry, and whether the exhaust fan is working properly.

4. Ultrasonic system (including ultrasonic electric box, impact, welding head, connecting wire):

Check whether the labor insurance mask machine is clean of the ultrasonic system, especially the ultrasonic electric box, shock (ring nengqi), head (enlargement) must be dry-cleaned and there is no water accumulation, and the connection line must be strong. Always check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head. Observe the pointer range of ultrasonic electric voltmeter and ammeter.

Mask machine

5. Power supply system: (by air filter system, pipe, cylinder):

Air filter cover, check the labor mask machine for water, air compressor discharge (air compressor discharge: high humidity in the area, discharge to the compressor every day). Check the air pipe and cylinder for leaks, and the position and operation of the cylinder's magnetic sensor.