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Large format inkjet printer-what effect does temperature have on the it?

As the weather is getting colder and the temperature is getting lower and lower, the temperature also has a certain influence on the use of the large format inkjet printer. What should be paid attention to when using the photo machine at this time? Let me introduce you to the following.

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The digital printing machine often has some false plugging phenomenon, that is, because the temperature of the ink is reduced, the viscosity becomes large, and if the viscosity is too large, the ink will break during the printing process, and it will return to normal after the nozzle is cleaned, but it will reappear soon. This situation. Some users mistakenly believe that this is a problem with the print head, which is not the case.

In order to better maintain the normal working state of the photo machine, attention should be paid to the space environment and temperature of the photo machine working workshop.

For inkjet companies, the temperature and humidity of the photo workshop affect the inkjet printing process to a certain extent. For example, when the temperature of the photo machine workshop is relatively low and relatively cold, the fluidity of the ink of the piezoelectric photo machine is weakened, so it is likely to stay clogged in the nozzle hole and appear as a broken line on the screen.

However, this is a common failure of the photo machine in cold and low-temperature climates. Usually, this situation is mostly affected by the fact that the temperature in the workshop of the photo machine is relatively low, that is, the nozzle is falsely blocked, that is, the individual nozzle holes of the nozzle are not smooth or not at all. Under such circumstances, it is easy to affect the normal inkjet printing state of the photo machine and the image quality and effect of the image.

In the low temperature environment, inkjet printing related consumables are also easily affected, such as paper media, paper storage, etc. In the low temperature and dry photo machine workshop environment, the paper is easy to generate static electricity between the machine and the machine. In the inkjet printing process, pay attention to the protection of static electricity to avoid the impact of static electricity on the nozzle and the ink jet printing ink jet printing failure.

In addition, there are paper media storage, photo machine workshops with high temperature and low humidity, paper media is prone to moisture, the image picture is drying slowly, the picture ink is smeared, and so on. Especially in the rainy and rainy environment in the cold winter in the south, the photo machine workshop is not only cold, but also high in humidity. Under this climatic condition, the normal inkjet printing process of the photo machine is easily affected.

Therefore, in order to make the wide format textile printer better perform inkjet printing output in the cold winter, the temperature control of the winter photo machine workshop is the top priority.

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The above is the effect of temperature that I introduced to everyone on the photo machine. I hope it can help you. If you need more knowledge, please contact us.