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Large format uv inkjet printing machine-some misunderstandings before you buy it

The large format UV inkjet printing machine breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology and is a high-tech full-color digital printing machine free of plate-making, realizing a piece of printing in the true sense, no plate-making, full-color image is completed in one time, multi-material compatibility, multi Functionality is perfectly combined. It achieves high-quality printing effects with ultra-low printing costs, without any material restrictions. It can be used in metals, glass, leather, ceramics, wood, bamboo, fabrics, T-shirts, plastics, silicone, MDF, PVC, acrylic, Advertising materials meet the printing needs of high quality and high requirements in many industries.

Large format uv inkjet printing machine

Many people think that since the UV flatbed printer is so powerful, the scope of application is so wide, and the printing effect is so good, then the price must be very expensive, the print quality should not be maintained for too long, and the print quality is not guaranteed. In fact, this kind of thinking is wrong, it is a misunderstanding.

First, there is the issue of high cost. Generally speaking, the cost is composed of three parts: depreciation, material and labor. The depreciation of the machine is determined by the investment when purchasing the printer. 
In terms of material cost, the price of ink is now gradually reduced with the expansion of applications, which can save a lot of ink purchase costs. Compared with traditional printing, flatbed printers do not require plate making and can save plate-making costs. The uv printer is highly automated and can reduce labor costs to some extent. With the increasing number of flat panel printer users and the maturity of technology, the overall price level has 
declined, prompting more customers to accept uv printer digital printing.

Secondly, it is the question of whether the printed products printed by the flat uv printer can be retained for a long time. Regarding this, you can do an experiment on your own and take a look at the long-term storage time of flat 
panel printers. Put the prints of traditional ink, electronic ink, and uv flatbed printer together in the sun. After a few days, you will see that the prints printed by the uv flatbed printer are more durable than traditional inks.

UV inkjet printer

Finally, there is the issue of the print quality of UV inkjet printers. Although the structure of the machine and the consumables used are different, the quality of the machine's printed products can not be completely the same as the traditional printing. But in terms of finishing, with the continuous improvement of the imaging system, the imaging accuracy and output resolution are improved, and the media latitude is enhanced. At present, the uv flatbed printers introduced by various manufacturers have been able to meet the needs of high-end printing, and are still developing towards higher quality.