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When using digital inkjet printer consumables, what problems do you often encounter?

When using the digital inkjet printer, it is inevitable that it will encounter some problems and do not know how to solve it. So today I will introduce us to the problems that are often encountered in the use of photo machine supplies and the solutions.

Digital inkjet printer

When the digital printing machine printing with light cloth, the length will become shorter, which should be said to be an objective fact. Because the lamp cloth has a certain thickness and unevenness, the actual measured length is shorter than the length traveled by the pressure roller. Therefore, when using light cloth to print, the length can be artificially longer, basically at a ratio of 150:2, that is, 1.5 meters and 2cm, for example, 3 meters is 4cm and reaches 3.04 meters.

Outdoor inkjet advertisements were placed for several months, and the film produced bubbles, wrinkles or flaking. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. On the one hand, the pressure of the protective film process is 
too low, but the main reason is the quality of the protective film (toughness, thickness, whether it is quick-adhesive or continuous glue, etc.), and the quality of the film on the market. Because of the unevenness, users must be 
careful when buying, and do not cause many disputes because of the quality of the protective film.

The user reports that the PC cannot bring the MO. (picture made by Apple machine), which makes it impossible to access this business. There is a special software-"Macopen" (open Apple), which makes it no matter the Apple 
format or PC. The format can be easily opened.

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When the wide format digital printer user's outer-coated self-adhesive film is used for body advertisement or local painting on the light box, the edges must be sealed and waterproofed (use three-second glue, liquid film, waterproof wax, etc. for edge treatment) to prevent warping (the film and Film separation). Outdoor adhesive material, the surface coating is waterproof superfine three superimposed, super white and delicate, the gaps in the coating are arranged at a fixed interval, the ink can be firmly locked, the color is delicate, and the color saturation is improved, using Korean adhesive technology , Super adhesive, to ensure long-term outdoor storage, its unique performance of gradually increasing adhesion with time makes posting more convenient. The indoor adhesive tape is developed based on pigment inks. The matt surface is delicate and can be effectively waterproofed. Not only can it be used for dye inks, but also the pigment inks have excellent surfaces.