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Photo machine eco-solvent inkjet ink-how to distinguish the quality of it?

Anyone who uses a photo machine probably knows that the nozzle of the photo machine is related to the quality of the photo machine eco-solvent inkjet ink and also affects the life of the nozzle. Ink of poor quality may cause 
damage to the nozzle of the photo machine, so how do we distinguish the quality of the solvent ink of the photo machine?

Photo machine eco-solvent inkjet ink

1. Raw material quality:

Raw materials have great differences in quality due to their different prices, and have a great impact on the nozzle, such as purity, PH value, water content, impurities, etc., will directly affect the service life of the nozzle. 
Therefore, high-quality raw materials are an important guarantee for high-quality ink. It is recommended that users should not ignore the quality of ink raw materials while reducing ink costs. After all, inkjet printer ink will have a 
great impact on the status and performance of the inkjet printer.

2. Good usability:

Excellent inks do not need to be wiped and cleaned frequently during the normal printing process of the inkjet machine, which wastes ink and reduces the efficiency of the inkjet machine. There is even a color difference, which directly affects the quality and efficiency of inkjet printing.

3. Ink safety and environmental protection:

High-quality eco-solvent printing inks are required to be non-flammable and explosive, and the impact on the human body is reduced to a minimum. However, some inks on the market today only apply benzene series 
solvents to inkjet inks in pursuit of low cost. Although they are temporarily used by users, they will eventually be eliminated as the government and users increase their awareness of environmental protection.

4. Excellent light resistance and weather resistance:

Because the outdoor painting surface is hung outdoors for a long time, ultraviolet light, acid, alkali, sand and air pollution will affect the picture. Therefore, when choosing ink, try to choose lightfastness level 7 (the highest level is 8, because of the color, individual colors are now Only products up to level 7) and weather resistance level 5 (the highest level is level 5).

5. Excellent stability:

The principle of inkjet inks is that organic pigments are evenly distributed in the organic solvent system. Some poor inks only pursue low prices due to the choice of raw materials, the pigment particle sizes are different, and 
the suspension system is very unstable. With the passage of time, the temperature changes will cause stratification and precipitation. The reaction to the inkjet printer will cause precipitation in the ink tank, ink cartridge, ink tube and ink chamber of the nozzle, commonly known as "oil sludge". The direct result is that the ink supply is not smooth, and the amount of ink ejected by the print head is not uniform, which affects the picture. In severe cases, the nozzle is blocked, and the life of the oscillating crystal is extremely shortened, so-called burn-in head. Generally good ink does not need to be shaken or oscillated with ultrasonic waves before use.

6. Excellent color gamut expression:

The colors of organic pigments have many hue, and each hue will produce different color gamut effects. Trying to choose the color that reflects the largest color gamut and local consumer preferences is also one of the main factors in choosing ink.

Eco-solvent ink

The above are some small ways to identify the quality of eco-solvent printer ink. I hope you can help you choose ink better when you buy a photo machine.