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Digital printing machine-how to increase the service life of its inkjet image?

Many digital printing machine users are troubled by how to enhance the life of the picture, let us analyze its influencing factors:

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The outdoor images produced by the inkjet printer must be hung outdoors as the name suggests. It has been exposed to sunlight for a long time and has experienced wind and rain, so if the image quality is not too hard, it is prone to fading, resulting in shortened image life and failure to meet customer requirements. Therefore, the service life of outdoor images has always been a problem for users of photo machines.

The first is to analyze from the perspective of the customer's choice of image placement. When making a picture for a customer, the user of the photo machine can advise the customer to hang the image in a backlit area to 
avoid direct sunlight for a long time, especially not to be placed behind the glass. The principle of refraction, the higher temperature behind the glass, will cause great damage to the image. Secondly, from the perspective of 
users of photo machines, the quality of materials on the market is uneven. If you want to get a good reputation, users of photo machines should choose high-quality materials.

Secondly, from the perspective of consumables for photo machine users, the inks used in outdoor images are generally oil-based inks, and the printed images have good anti-ultraviolet abilities, but if poor quality inks are 
used, the images will still fade, so We generally recommend that users of photo printers choose original inks from manufacturers. First of all, the ink produced by the manufacturer must have a high degree of conformity with the 
machine, and they are only applied after long-term testing. The second original ink is quality guaranteed after all, and if there is a problem, the root cause can also be found.

The third is to apply a film or glue to the image of digital textile printer. The film required for the film will have a layer of ultraviolet absorber or reflective agent, so it can effectively extend the life of the image. However, because outdoor images are generally large and the filming work is cumbersome, they are generally not used. Because the outdoor image is placed outdoors, the image will be wrinkled after being wet by rain. The solution to this problem is over glue. When making an outdoor image, the user of the photo machine is best to seal the surroundings of the image with glue to avoid rainwater entering the gap and affecting the image quality.

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Photographers who want to extend the use of outdoor images need to pay attention in many places. But generally speaking, only the above-mentioned major aspects need to be solved, and users of photo machines can find 
problems in the process of use, so as to sum up more experience.