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When you clean the Epson printheads, be sure to be bold and careful

Epson printhead is a universal printhead. Due to manufacturing technology, the nozzle holes are very small. Especially in recent years, foreign printer manufacturers have continuously improved the printing accuracy, and Epson nozzles are also constantly updated. The printing accuracy is getting higher and higher, which is accompanied by the difficulty of domestic compatible inks. The nozzle clogging is completely brought by compatible inks. "By-product". If the nozzle is blocked repeatedly, you should replace this ink in time, and use a more mature and suitable ink. With the use of Dabenxiang digital thermal transfer ink/thermal transfer paper, you can improve the print quality and ensure the quality.

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There are many reasons for Epson nozzle clogging, such as no printing for a long time, or ink impurities, or nozzle wear and so on. The following is the method for cleaning the dye ink nozzles-precautions for cleaning the ink cartridge nozzles: (be sure to fully understand the operation steps before cleaning the nozzles) Before cleaning the nozzles, be sure to clean the dirt outside the inkjet holes Clean to avoid secondary blockage. Each time the syringe is removed, try to clean up the contamination of the needle part, and then suck the clear solution for use. Slightly pressurize the syringe and do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the nozzle. The frequency of cleaning the spray head should not be too much or too frequently.

First use a syringe to inhale a little pure water to clean the nozzle inverted ink column, use a syringe to suck 3ml-5ml clear liquid, put it into the inverted ink column, and press gently to let the nozzle clear liquid soak the nozzle for about an hour. Pull it out, wait for a small hour and then use a syringe to pump and press, you can repeat 2-3 times. Note: The volume of clear liquid should not be too large each time, 3-5ml is enough, so as to prevent the bottom ink pump from pumping ink in time, which will cause waste ink to flow into the printer. Pay attention to the hose part of the syringe, be sure to tighten the ink column by hand. Some nozzles are seriously clogged and require a large pressure to inject clear liquid to prevent the hose from falling off and ink column due to excessive pressure. The clear liquid will splash into the printer.

After the operation, remove the print head, wash the waste ink pad and the dirty liquid leaking to the surroundings, or wipe it clean. Then you can repeat the second step above until the print head is completely unblocked. Wash the syringe and draw 3-5ml of distilled water to rinse the nozzle. Each nozzle needs to be cleaned.

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Clean the printer head regularly. When cleaning, you should try to use high-quality wet paper towels or non-cotton paper towels to gently wipe the nozzle edge, taking care not to touch the nozzle. Then use the cleaning button on its control panel to clean the print head until the printout effect is clear.