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When printing on a sublimation transfer printer-the steps to resolve its errors

Subliamtion transfer printers have always been a very popular printing device, and many companies use thermal transfer printers. But because the demand is greater than the supply and demand, there is a lot of work and the technical staff does not work enough, resulting in problems that are difficult to solve the machine quickly, so today I will tell you how to solve these problems.

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1. The application settings of the dye-sublimation printer are incorrect. In WORD "Tools" → "Options" → "Print", there is an item "Draft output" to see if it is selected. If it is selected, the picture cannot be printed, and then see if the "graphic image" item in the "Additional Information of the Printed Document" column is selected. If it is not selected, select it, otherwise, it will not be printed. The picture comes.

2. The driver setting is incorrect. In some printers, in order to meet the different needs of different users, a variety of printing modes are provided for users to choose from. For example, in Canon 1000SP, there are economic printing mode, standard printing mode, and image printing mode. Open the printer properties dialog box to see if "economy printing mode" or other low-end printing mode is selected. If it is selected, the printed image is not very clear. You must select "image printing mode" or higher Mode. In addition, the print quality of the printer must be set to "Fine" so that clearer pictures can be produced.

3. The paper used is not good. There are many papers used in inkjet printers, among which the more commonly used are: copy paper, ordinary printing paper, high-resolution paper, glossy paper, glossy photo paper, etc. Let me briefly introduce these papers. Copy paper: Copy paper is generally only used to print plain text documents that do not require high quality, and can also print images, but the effect is very poor. Because of its low price, it is widely used. Ordinary printing paper: The surface of ordinary printing paper has a thin coating, which is better than the quality of copy paper. It can be used to print documents with high quality requirements and some simple graphics (such as cartoon images). High-resolution paper: The coating on the surface of high-resolution paper is thicker, smoother and smoother than the coating on the surface of ordinary paper, so the quality of printing is better than that of ordinary paper. It is suitable for printing documents and simple pictures Image. Glossy paper: The coating on the surface of the glossy paper is thicker than the coating on the surface of the high-resolution paper, and it is more smooth and shiny. The printed pictures are very clear and bright. Glossy photo paper: Glossy photo paper is specially designed for printing photos, its surface is very smooth, and it has a silvery white gloss, it will shimmer under the light of the light, and the paper is thicker and printed. The image is better than the previous paper, but it is expensive. The better the paper used, the clearer the printed image.

4. Poor-quality ink used Inkjet printers can print high-resolution pictures, ink is very important. Qualified inkjet printer inks are required to have ultra-small molecular weights, moderate permeability, a certain viscosity ratio, chemical ink transfer assistance, and precise chemical synthesis sequence codes. Only when the above conditions are met, the ink can be smoothly sprayed on the nozzle, and the printing accuracy can be guaranteed. At present, there are two kinds of original ink and compatible ink on the market. If you want to print high-resolution pictures, pay more, buy an original ink cartridge, and add original ink.

5. The ink cartridges used are incorrect. Some printers are divided into a variety of ink cartridges, including monochrome black ink cartridges, ink cartridges dedicated to printing graphics and forms, and ink cartridges dedicated to printing photos or high-resolution pictures, such as Canon’s The BC-05 ink cartridge is designed for printing graphics and tables, and it is best to use the Photo ink cartridge for printing photos or high-resolution pictures. To print out high-resolution pictures, it is recommended that you use advanced ink cartridges.

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6. The color setting is incorrect, most large format subliamtion printers support color adjustment. Whether the color can be adjusted to the best state has a crucial impact on whether high-resolution pictures can be printed. Open the printer properties dialog box, adjust the color to the best state, and then put a piece of ordinary printing paper on the printer, print the picture, and see if the printed result is the most satisfactory to you. If you are not satisfied, adjust it again, and then print again after adjustment, until the printed image reaches the best condition you think, then put in higher quality paper to the printer, and enter the formal printing stage.