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UV inkjet printer-how to quickly solve the small faults of the it

Due to the powerful functions of the UV inkjet printer, it is determined that the internal structure of the UV printer is very complex, and the UV digital printer's own maintenance and operating environment requirements are very high, and the requirements in terms of operation are also very strict. However, after analysis, it was found that the handling of multiple faults is very simple. Let me share with you friends the quick solutions to these glitches.

UV inkjet printer

Trouble 1: Suddenly interrupt the ink transportation during the printing operation of the UV printing machine.

The cause of the failure: the ink quality is poor or expired, the air in the ink tube is not exhausted, and the nozzle line is loose and falls off.

Trouble shooting method: Pour off the problem ink, inject the high-quality ink within the warranty period after cleaning, reinstall the ink tube to exhaust the air, and reinstall the nozzle line.

Trouble 2: Every time the UV digital printer's printing operation reaches the end, there will be a wire drawing situation.

The cause of the failure: the length of the printing operation of the UV printing machine is not correct.

Troubleshooting method: adjust the access sensor blank.

Fault 3: Test line printing is not possible and there is no color response.

Cause of failure: The motherboard is damaged.

Troubleshooting method: replace the motherboard.

Fault 4: After the inkjet printer finishes printing, the printing substrate stays in the machine and must be operated manually.

The cause of the fault: the board is set incorrectly.

Troubleshooting method: modify the settings of the board, you can ask the relevant settings of the manufacturer.

Fault 5: The digital UV printer reported error number 1121, and the nozzle could not move to the initial position of the nozzle.

The cause of the failure: There is a problem with the installation of the nozzle cable, or the front sensor is damp or damaged.

Troubleshooting method: correctly install the cable without problems, check and maintain the front sensor.

Fault 6: The printing effect of UV printer is not satisfactory.

The cause of the failure: dirt on the grating strip and the nozzle.

Troubleshooting method: cleaning and maintenance of grating strip and spray head.

Fault 7: The ink supply of the UV printer cannot be supplied, and the test line cannot be printed normally.

The cause of the failure: the nozzle cable has been damaged

Troubleshooting method: Replace the nozzle cable.

Fault 8: An error occurred when the UV printer was turned on, and the fan did not move.

The cause of the fault: the motherboard is damaged and the capacitor is faulty.

Troubleshooting method: replace the motherboard and capacitor.

Fault 9: The UV printer platform does not work properly.

The cause of the fault: the motor circuit is loose or damaged.

Troubleshooting method: re-insert normal motor circuit.

Trouble 10: The ink jet is not dripping normally during the printing operation of the UV digital printer

The cause of the failure: the position of the ink bottle is too high.

Troubleshooting method: Adjust and lower the ink bottle position.

UV printer

It is normal for wide format UV printers to have some minor problems occasionally, so it is necessary for our inkjet printer operators to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible. Only in this way can the UV printers resume normal operations and bring productivity.