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Why Is Sublimation Digital Fabric Printing Becoming More Important

According to different events,it is very important to choose the right fabric so that meet the demands from market and customer.Does it need excellent show through of colour, does it need to be flame retardant, and does it need maximum opacity? These are just some of the factors that all need to be considered in making the right choice of fabric.

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With so many opportunities available for producing fabric graphics, it’s imperative to pick the appropriate printer, ink and substrate. Several types of print technology exist for fabrics. Dye sublimation, a process that uses heat to transfer dye onto a material, can be achieved in two different ways: printing an image to paper and then transferring it to any polyester-based fabric, or printing directly to the fabric. (Some machines can do both.)

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With the globalisation of many leading brands this means that for a new product launch all the graphics needed, can be produced on the same media. The speed with which graphics can be printed helps ensure that increasingly tight deadlines can be met ready for a forthcoming campaign or event.The fashion sector as well as launching its new collections using traditional methods such as magazine and newspaper advertising, now recognises the importance of digital fabric printing for in- store window graphics.