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Wide format inkjet UV printer-the advantages and disadvantages when it prints

With the increasing popularity of computers and smartphones, wide format inkjet UV printers, universal printers, flatbed printers, and even 3D printers have gradually emerged. The world is really wonderful. It often allows one 
thing to die while allowing another similar but more advanced thing to survive. Can it be said that it is reborn in another face? For example, the universal printer replaces the ancient single-function printer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of UV printers?

Wide format inkjet UV printer

In general, the advantages of UV lithography:

1. High color saturation and good color effect of UV digital printer. Compared with traditional lithography, UV lithography can obtain a higher color effect, and for prints with stricter color requirements, more satisfactory results can be obtained.

2. The gloss of the print is high and the vision is gorgeous. Matching with the matte background color, you can get an exciting visual contrast, which is very helpful to strengthen the high-quality image of the product.

3. Applicable to many types of printed matter with completely different physical properties and chemical properties, including paper, paperboard, plastic, PVC, PE, etc. paper and film. This feature can print more product types than traditional lithography, and has a broader market future.

4. It can be dried immediately during printing, which can greatly improve production efficiency. Because there is no need to wait for the ink drying time, the production time can be greatly shortened, and the printing company can also save a lot of space for storing the prints to be dried, which is more helpful for cost savings.

5. Because it is dried immediately during printing, there is no need to use powder spraying, which can be avoided to improve the quality problems caused by powder spraying.

6. Due to the immediate drying when printing, it may not be like the traditional lithographic printing, there will be color changes within 48 hours after printing.

7. The light resistance of the print is better.

8. The print has better abrasion resistance.

9. No pollution to the environment.

In addition to the aforementioned advantages, are there any disadvantages to UV lithography? Everything has advantages and disadvantages, and the answer is yes.

UV inkjet printer

1. The investment cost of UV flatbed printing machine is higher than that of traditional lithography equipment, so investment decision needs to be more careful.

2. The market types that can use UV lithography are wider and more dispersed than the traditional lithography market. Therefore, if manufacturers want to invest in the development of this technology, they should first conduct market analysis and research to avoid the risk of not finding orders after investing in equipment.

3. The ink cost of UV lithography is about 3-4 times that of traditional lithography, and the material cost is high. The production management technology, process technology, and cost control in printing production need to be more rigorous, otherwise the proportion of cost loss will be higher than that of traditional lithography.

4. Strict temperature control is required for the printing ink storage area, which needs to be kept below 20°C, and the storage cost is high.

5. If ultraviolet rays leak out, it will have a health impact on personnel.

6. UV lithography is not as popular as traditional lithography, and the manpower supply who is familiar with the operation technology needs to rely on its own training.