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Outdoor inkjet printer-the reason for the poor quality of the products it prints

Outdoor utdoor inkjet printer printing is the most common form of advertising used in outdoor advertising in the past two years, but as the number increases, the quality of its products has declined. Why?

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1. The operating technical level of the inkjet personnel

The level of digital inkjet printer operation technology, whether it is in the earlier color printing or the later docking process, can affect the final effect of inkjet printing. At present, in the domestic inkjet industry, the most important 
color in the inkjet process is basically manual. On the terminal computer of the inkjet system, the drawing operator must use inkjet fabrics and inks to perform computer proofing and color comparison according to the performance of the machine to determine the final color effect. This artificial subjective operation inevitably brings deviations in the production process. In order to make up for such deviations, inkjet companies continue to provide employees with targeted technical job training, so that inkjet work can better meet the various needs of 

Generally speaking, skilled employees can bring out richer colors and pursue more accurate color values within a limited range of colors. This will undoubtedly create more colorful and unique outdoor advertisements and provide the strongest Strong technical development. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of the operator's technical level and experience directly when the printing quality is in question, and the high-level inkjet technicians are also 
very scarce.

2. The quality of inkjet materials

The quality of inkjet printing machine materials is the main factor that affects the quality of inkjet printing: inkjet consumables are divided into inkjet inks and inkjet media. As long as the printing cloth media and the printing ink match, a high-quality printing surface can be obtained, which is especially obvious in the weak solvent ink printing. The printing medium is divided into external lighting, internal lighting, varieties of printing cloth, light box cloth, adhesive film, film, light film, photo paper, etc.


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The quality of inkjet supplies also varies. The influence of the quality of inkjet supplies on the quality of inkjet printing is obvious to the majority of advertising colleagues. Inferior quality consumables will not only affect the print quality, but even lead to damage to the printing equipment and nozzles in severe cases.