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Do pets need to wear N95 face masks?

Do I need to wear a N95 face mask when going out? Will pets infect new crowns? This is a concern for many people. Some owners think of a way: put on a mask for their own cats and dogs, so as to prevent viruses. What is the actual effect of such a fully armed?

Pets do not need to wear medical masks and N95 protective face masks. There are two reasons: 1. According to the classification of coronavirus, the new pneumonia coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) belongs to the genus β, and the canine cat coronavirus (CCoV, FCoV) belongs to the genus α. 2. The design of medical masks and N95 masks is not suitable for pet facial features, and it cannot isolate bacteria and viruses.

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Do pets need to wear N95 masks?

Coronavirus has long existed all over the world, but the harm has not been so great, so many people do not know the virus. Coronavirus was discovered in 1970, canine coronavirus was discovered in 1971, and human coronavirus did not really enter people's vision until 2003.

Coronaviruses in dogs and cats are not new to people with pets at home. They often show mild gastrointestinal symptoms and respiratory symptoms. They can be cured with or without symptomatic treatment. It is worth mentioning that a type of cat infectious peritonitis virus, commonly known as "cat-to-abdomen", is also a coronavirus, but even if the name carries the word "infectious", it is now considered not to be infectious. According to the coronavirus classification, the new pneumonia coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) belongs to the genus β, and the canine and cat coronavirus (CCoV, FCoV) belongs to the genus α.

In addition to the above-mentioned virus itself, on the other hand, the medical face masks and N95 masks currently on the market are designed according to human facial features, and cannot fit the animal's face and cannot achieve the isolation effect. Therefore, leave it to the frontline medical staff. In the course of tens of thousands of years, people and dogs and cats have become increasingly close partners. Apart from the rabies that can be controlled, there are no other serious diseases that can be transmitted to humans through dogs and cats. As a faithful partner of human beings, dogs and cats deserve our protection.

During the epidemic, how to properly protect our pets? The following points can be noted:

1. Reduce going out. Tell the pet to respond to the national call with the owner, reduce going out, and avoid going to crowded places, and then go out after the epidemic is over.

2. Keep it tidy. Pets will lick their hair while secreting compounds to keep their hair smooth and a natural protectant. So don't bathe your pets frequently, just go home and clean your paws every time.

3. Do a good job of protection. Owners and pets should protect themselves from external injuries when traveling, and wear leashes and mouth guards at the same time to minimize the risk factor of travel.

4. Do not believe the rumors. Pets are our responsibility and companion, don't give them up because of rumours. During the epidemic, we must treat pets scientifically.

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By doing the above, you can easily solve the protection of pets during the epidemic.