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How to distinguish genuine and fake non woven face masks?

Non woven face masks have become a necessity in our lives now, so how to buy qualified masks and distinguish between genuine and fake ones?

In the current epidemic, everyone needs to wear a protective face mask, but is the mask you bought qualified? Three masks have frequently been detected recently. How to distinguish the authenticity of the mask? Experts said: Generally qualified masks can absorb a large amount of paper scraps, and the experts have done an experiment to prove it.

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The new-type coronary epidemic is still very serious. Our country is still in the period of prevention and control. To avoid suffering from new-type coronary pneumonia, masks have now become a rare item. Some people may not necessarily spend a lot of money. The masks I bought are also the lack of masks. Some unscrupulous merchants see the business opportunities of producing masks and start to produce masks that are illegal and unqualified.

So how to find out whether the mask is qualified?

The first step First, we can find the production license number on the mask. The second step is to enter the official website of the State Drug Administration and find the medical device section. third step. Enter the data of the mask and enter the production license number of the mask to check. If you go through these steps and find that the mask's production license number does not exist in the medical device column, then the mask is likely to be unqualified.

How should we distinguish the authenticity of masks in our daily life? I believe many people do not understand it well, so today I will give you a few tips for identifying the authenticity of masks.

How to distinguish true and false masks?

1. Look at the packing box of the mask.

Generally, there are laser anti-counterfeit labels on the mask box. In the case of strabismus, the anti-counterfeiting label will change color, and black will merge with red to become a color. If it is a fake mask, it does not have the anti-counterfeiting function of this discoloration.

2. Observe the packaging of the mask.

Regular mask packaging bag text is dark gray, and has a certain degree of transparency. The color of the text on the counterfeit mask products will be darker, without a certain degree of transparency.

3. Smell the mask.

If it is a regular mask, we first smell the smell of the mask when we get the mask. The regular mask has only a faint scent of activated carbon.

4. Observe the mask printing.

The text on the regular mask is engraved with a laser, and the printed traces also show a 45 ° angle. Uh, if it is a fake mask, most of them will have dot marks when printed with ink.

Non woven face mask

5. Look at the mask label.

Now some people cannot buy dust face masks in China, they may go abroad to buy masks. If it is a non-domestic mask that enters China through a formal way, there must be LA labor safety certification. The domestically produced masks, whether used domestically or exported, must have LA certification and QS labels abroad. So if you ask a friend to buy an entrance mask abroad, you must pay attention to see if there is this certification.