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Can the ignition method identify the authenticity of the face mask?

Due to the great demand for face masks, there are many kinds of face masks on the market, and of course there are fake masks. Do you know how to judge true and false masks? Ignition method can be distinguished, is this true?

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Many people do not have the knowledge to distinguish the authenticity of the face masks. They have bought a lot of fake masks, and there has recently been a way to discern the authenticity of the masks on the Internet. Is this 

Truth: The melting effect does not prove that the middle layer is a melt-blown non-woven material.

Disassemble the face mask, take out the middle layer, and ignite it with a lighter. No flame is real, and flame is fake. Recently, such a video of "True and False Tests of Medical Masks" was popular among friends. Is this the case?

Experts say that this method of combustion detection cannot simply distinguish the true and false masks.

Earlier, there were rumors from the media that the main material of the protective face mask is polypropylene, etc. Polypropylene is a thermoplastic resin made by polymerizing propylene, and the material itself is flammable. The relevant national standards also only stipulate the "flammability" of masks, and there is no "non-flammable" requirement. Whether a mask can be ignited is not a criterion for identifying the authenticity of a mask.

"The content of rumors from relevant media is valid, but it is not comprehensive". Experts said that the key to the protective effect of the mask is the middle layer, which is made of polypropylene polymer commonly known as polypropylene. Polypropylene itself is flammable, and it can be burned if the fire is directly burned. However, unlike paper, if you use a lighter to slowly approach the polypropylene layer, it will happen a phenomenon similar to melting before burning. This is easier to distinguish from poor paper.

"However, there is more than one kind of polymer with this phenomenon, and even if polypropylene is used, the price of polypropylene non-woven fabrics with different molecular weights are not the same, and the performance is also different. Generally speaking, the more expensive polypropylene raw material performance is better. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that some unscrupulous traders may use low-quality polypropylene non-woven materials to replace medical polypropylene. Therefore, this method of combustion detection cannot simply distinguish true from false masks. "

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What are the ways to distinguish the true and false masks?

Whether it is a disposable medical surgical mask or an ordinary medical mask, it can meet the usage of most people in most scenarios, and it is generally sold in whole packages.

The true and false of these two types of masks can be found on the official website of the State Drug