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T-shirt Transfer Paper For Transfer Cotton T Shirt

Many people are fasinated with heat transfer printing 100% prue cotton t shirt,but we know sublimation transfer paper cannot use on 100% prue cotton or 100% polyester garments with the features of the softness and durability.
 iron on t shirt transfer paper

 How imprinting cotton apparel work with t shirt transfer paper?Compared with dye sublimation printing,what are their cons and pros?This process for heat transfers, is it like the old shirts of the 70’s? I’ve seen some heat transfers that end up as a big, stiff squares on your shirt. It feels terrible. Yuck! A: With dye sublimation inks, the paper is only a carrier. It isn’t stuck on the shirt. So your image is imprinted directly on the ChromaBlast process replaces the OEM ink with Sawgrass ChromaBlast ink which is printed on ChromaBlast media.

heat transfer t shirt

The image is printed in reverse on a sheet of carrier paper. Then it’s laid on a shirt, placed in a heat press, and pressed on the shirt at a temperature of 375 °F. The result is an image that’s as smooth and soft as the shirt. Newer ChromaBlast media can actually be applied by hand with an iron, but a heat press is more consistent and efficient.