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Can wearing more layers of face masks better prevent new coronaviruses?

During the epidemic, there were a lot of rumors, such as wearing a few more face masks to better prevent the new coronavirus, which many people believe, but this is false.

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Can wearing more masks prevent new coronavirus?

1. Current medical masks can be roughly divided into medical protective masks (such as "N95"), medical surgical masks with thicker middle layers, and ordinary masks with thinner middle layers. In the clinical environment, there is no significant difference in the effectiveness of medical protective masks and medical surgical masks in preventing acute respiratory infections. Ordinary medical masks are not recommended for protection in high-risk environments.

2. As far as medical masks are concerned, as long as the qualified products are worn correctly, only one can achieve the desired protective effect. Although multiple stacking can theoretically increase some protective effects, it will increase the ventilation resistance and the discomfort of wearing, which may outweigh the benefits.

3. After using the mask, it should be discarded in the yellow special trash can of the medical institution. If the facility cannot be found, it can be soaked in 75% alcohol or 84 disinfectant and discarded. If the above cannot be  achieved, you should also use a pen on the outside to write “contain medical waste” in a conspicuous capital when discarding the container with the mask.

6 common sense of wearing a mask:

1. The choice of masks. If you are working in a hospital and participating in the treatment of patients, it is best to choose N95 masks. People in other industries do not need to wear N95 masks. You can choose disposable 
masks or ordinary masks.

2. Do not throw away disposable masks after wearing them. Be sure to bring the disposable mask home, use scissors to cut the disposable mask thoroughly before throwing it in the trash.

3. Wear a disposable mask, first pull away the folds of the disposable mask, cover both ears on both sides, completely cover your nose and mouth with the mask, and then cover the chin, at the same time, Press on the bridge of the nose to prevent bad air from entering the gap and infecting the virus.

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4. If the mask you wear is not disposable, you should keep the mask properly after you return home, fold the mask, fold the side that sticks to the skin inside, and then put it in the designated plastic bag, then put it in the designated place , To avoid being put together with other clothes or towels.

5. If it is not a disposable mask, keep the mask clean and clean the mask in time.
6. After returning home to take off the mask, the first thing to do is to wash your hands. It is best to wash your hands with disinfectant hand sanitizer.