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Can the meltblown protective face mask be used after disinfection with alcohol?

During the epidemic, everyone has gapped meltblown protective face masks, and many people continue to use them after disinfecting masks with alcohol. Is this approach correct? At present, many people have notched masks, and there are many ways to extend the use of masks on the Internet. For example, they can be used after disinfection with alcohol. Is this method correct?

Meltblown protective face mask

Can the masks continue to be used after disinfection with alcohol! The answer is no!

1. The reason why the disposable face mask is a disposable mask means that it is a disposable article and cannot be used again, even after alcohol disinfection.

2. There are many kinds of medical masks, there are two layers and there are three layers, and its filtering effect is different. It is generally believed that the filtering effect of three layers is generally better than two layers. Disposable medical masks cannot be disinfected with alcohol, because alcohol will destroy the outermost waterproof layer of the medical mask. You can do an experiment by pouring a glass of water on the mask. If the mask is sprayed with alcohol, the original impermeable mask will now leak, indicating that alcohol has damaged the outermost waterproof layer of the mask.

What to pay attention to when using masks during an epidemic

1. Do n’t wear it when you should n’t

Face masks should be worn when the flu season is high, in haze days, in dusty days, when you are sick, or when you go to the hospital for medical treatment. In winter, it is best to wear masks for the elderly and frail sick people with low immunity.

2. Don't prefer color masks

Most of the fashionable color masks are made of chemical fiber fabrics, which have poor air permeability and chemically irritating odor, which is easy to cause damage to the respiratory tract. Qualified masks are made of gauze and non-woven fabrics. Fashion mask manufacturers are not as professional as medical mask manufacturers, and their ability to intercept germs is the worst.

3. Don't put masks on after wearing

It is unscientific to use the masks randomly and not clean them in time. After wearing the mask for 4-6 hours, a lot of germs will gather. After wearing it, you should fold the mask first. When you fold it, put the face close to the nose 
and nose in it, then put the mask in a clean bag, and finally put it in a bag or pocket. Masks should be washed every day, placed in the sun to dry, and bacteria can grow on the radiator.

4. Don't wear a mask to run

Some people choose to suspend outdoor activities, while others choose to continue wearing masks. However, doctors suggest that because the demand for oxygen during outdoor exercise is greater than usual, masks may cause poor breathing and even lack of oxygen in the organs, which may have very serious consequences.

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5. Don't affect the sight

After wearing the protective face mask, it should be able to cover most of the area below the mouth, nose and orbit. The edges of the mask are close to the face, but be careful not to affect the sight.