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Can medical surgical protective face masks be reused?

With the spread of the epidemic, medical surgical protective face masks have become a popular trend. At present, masks are quite scarce, and many of them are out of stock. In a limited number of cases, many netizens want to know whether the medical surgical masks in their hands can be reused?

Medical surgical protective face mask

Medical surgical masks are a type of masks that experts advocate to effectively prevent viruses. Like n95 masks, they are basically out of stock and out of stock. In the current serious epidemic situation, it is not recommended to reuse any mask. In order to prevent the virus from taking advantage, it is best to change the mask frequently.

However, in many people ’s homes, there is a shortage of masks. In this case, if the masks are not damaged, they can be considered for secondary use. Do not touch the outside of the mask during the second use. There are bacteria carried on it before, and do not use water to clean it. The protective effect of medical surgical masks will be greatly reduced after cleaning.

If you can do it without going out, try to go out as little as possible. Masks are currently difficult to buy, and they all have a service life. When you are wearing a medical surgical mask, if you have difficulty breathing, you can't continue to use it. You need to replace it in time. At this moment, its life has reached the upper limit of use, and there are more particles in it, which is not protective.

So, what are the precautions for the use time limit of medical surgical masks?

1. Under normal use, it is recommended to replace it every 3-4 hours

Medical masks seem to be relatively thin, but it contains three layers, an inner water-absorbing layer, a middle filter layer, and an outer waterproof layer, which is effective in preventing new coronaviruses. For normal use, it is 
recommended to replace it every 3-4 hours. Do not wear it for a long time and replace it. Not only is it not very protective, but the virus may also be used.

2. If it is contaminated, it needs to be replaced immediately

If the mask is contaminated when wearing a medical surgical mask, then it needs to be changed immediately, for example: a sneeze caused the mask to be full of saliva, or it was directly splashed by sewage or other people ’s  saliva. Such similar pollutions are all kinds of germs, which are very unfavorable to our protection and need to be replaced immediately.

3. When using, do not exceed 4 hours

In use, generally do not exceed 4 hours. After 4 hours, the protective effect of the mask is already very low. Because medical surgical masks and medical protective masks are different, the latter's effect is better. And don't wear it for more than 4 hours at a time. Do not breathe fresh air for a long time. It is easy to produce suffocation, which is not friendly to our lung health.

Face mask

4. Repeated use may cause pollution

If the surgical face mask is used repeatedly, it will cause the mask to be contaminated. In this case, the mask has actually lost its own protective effect, so you need to replace it in time. There must be no fluke, the bacteria outside the mask is unimaginable, beware of it just in case.