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How to wear a child face mask under 1 year old?

Due to the spread of the virus, not only are adult masks out of stock, but child face masks are also difficult to find. Although wearing a mask is the first line of defense to protect yourself from viruses when going out, infants and young children under the age of half are not suitable for wearing masks, and how should children wear masks?

Child face mask

Infants under 1 year old are not suitable for wearing masks

Wearing a kid face mask will affect the child's breathing. Not every child is suitable for wearing a mask. Infants under the age of half are too young to express their feelings. I don't know what happens. If you suffocate while wearing a mask, you don't have the ability to get rid of the mask at all. The suggestion can be changed to the following alternative:

1. Try not to go out.

2. Adults wear masks to reduce the possibility of germs spreading.

3. If you go downstairs or go out occasionally, put on a mask for your baby and observe the baby's breathing, complexion, mood, etc. If you push the stroller downstairs, cover the stroller with a protective cover.

How do children choose masks and how to wear them?

Protecting children from virus invasion is the first key point. Wear masks when going out, and parents should always check the child's breathing status. There are several points to note when choosing a child mask:

1. Type / Material

Generally, children's anti-spray masks have a certain protective effect. Cotton cloth and sponge masks have poor barrier properties and are not recommended for children. Although the N95 virus has the best protection, it has the worst air permeability and is not suitable for children.

The most protective effect is the general surgical or medical mask, which has the functions of anti-splashing water and filtering pathogens. The air permeability is moderate, and most children can accept it.

2. Suitable for age

The masks on the market are mainly divided into two options of 1 to 3 years old and 4 years old or older according to age. Parents should choose a suitable baby size mask according to age. However, it is difficult to 
find a mask for children recently. You can temporarily replace it with an adult mask, as long as you tighten it and notice that the mask fits on the bridge of the nose.

3. Periodic mask replacement

All types of masks have limited protective effects and need to be replaced regularly. Whether it is a surgical or medical protective mask, it must be replaced whenever the mask becomes wet or contaminated with secretions 
(sneezing, coughing).

4. Wear the mask correctly

The general surgical mask has 3 layers, the outermost green surface has water-repellent function; the middle is the filter layer, which can filter out the pathogen; the innermost white surface has no special function, the main purpose is to support the structure of the entire mask. If the surgical mask is worn back, it is equivalent to abandoning the water-repellent function. The difference from the general cotton mask is limited, and the significance of using the surgical mask is lost.

The correct steps to wear the protective face mask are: pull the folds of the mask before wearing to fit the child's face shape → press the metal strips on both sides of the nose bridge tightly, so that the upper end of the mask is 
close to the nose bridge, so the protection will be better.

5. Do not wear masks in these two situations

If the child is already sick, abnormally irritable, or unusually quiet, it is best not to wear a mask, as this may cause difficulties for parents and doctors to observe the child.

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Finally, remind parents that not every child can accept the sultry feeling after wearing a mask, so the best way to protect small children from infection is still to avoid going out during this period, reduce direct contact with outsiders, pay attention to personal hygiene, Wash your hands frequently with soap, change your clothes after the adults go home, and do not share tableware with your children. Masks are a last resort.