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FFP2 and KN95 protective face masks-which protective effect are better?

Which one should I buy for ffp2 protective face masks and KN95 masks? Which protection effect is better? Please see the following analysis:

Regarding the testing standards of protective face masks, the EU mask testing standards include non-oily substances and oily substances. Sodium chloride and paraffin oil and gas aerosols are used for testing. That is to say, the EU standard masks actually have the protection of non-oily particulates and oily aerosols. In the national standard masks, there are two types: KN type as non-oily protection, KP type only supports oily protection. Therefore, if we want to judge which effect is good between FFP2 and KN95, we will find that the effect of FFP2 is ≥94%, and the protection effect of KN95 is ≥95.0%. no! Although the effect of FFP2 is ≥94, and the protective effect of KN95 is ≥95.0%, there is an important criterion here, that is, the effect of FFP2 in the EU is ≥94. In fact, it contains two types of detection: NaCL (sodium chloride) and DOP (paraffin oil) aerosols, while KN95 is only a non-oily substance, that is, sodium chloride, which is higher than ours ! So the conclusion is that FFP2> KN95 = N95.

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There is one more point to add. I have said so much. I believe readers should understand the difference between FFP2 and KN95 mask standards. The conclusion is: FFP2 is more protective than KN95 on the basis of a close proportion of protection effect, FFP2 is more oily than KN95. Therefore, in principle, the comparison between the protective effects of the European standard FFP2 and KN95 should be FFP2> KN95. Here it is said that this is to judge the comparison in principle. In principle, from the standard designation, the protection requirements of FFP2 are higher than those of KN95. You need to understand that this is a standard and a rule. It is not that the mask marked with FFP2 is better than the mask marked with KN95. It also depends on the source of the mask. Whether the brand of the mask is reliable, and whether it strictly follows the corresponding production standards during production. Speaking of whether it is very circumscribed here, why say so, whether it is FFP2 or KN95, if a mask produced by a small mask manufacturer is affixed with the FFP2 label, which mask is better than the regular KN95 mask, which is better? Therefore, in terms of implementation standards, we can well understand that the FFP2 implementation standards are higher than KN95, but when it comes to masks, it also depends on whether they are produced by regular manufacturers or whether they strictly abide by relevant production standards. Is critical. Therefore, when buying masks, you must choose to buy some big brands through credible channels, and try not to buy masks from unknown sources. Is the FFP2 mask better than KN95? When faced with such a purchase problem, the first question to consider is not whether FFP2 is more effective than KN95, or whether FFP2 can protect against coronavirus, but we should think about whether the source of the mask is reliable and whether the channel is regular. Readers are advised to purchase masks through some formal, large platform sales channels as much as possible, to avoid being fooled by some bad merchants. Buying expensive is trivial, and the real trouble is to buy the problematic things.

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Therefore, the conclusion is that the standard of FFP2 face mask(non-oily + oily, effective filtration of 94%) is more oily than KN95 (non-oily effective filtration of 95%), and FFP2> KN95. However, the premise is that the production of masks follows the production standards, and must be qualified masks, not the kind of masks that are casually labeled.