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When using the piezo inkjet photo machine, some common sense about it.

Many users should pay attention to the maintenance of the piezo inkjet photo machine when they use the photo machine to produce pictures. Good maintenance not only greatly prolongs the service life of the inkjet printing   machine, but also works handy for your inkjet printer. Such as sharing the following points of daily maintenance knowledge of piezoelectric digital printer:

Piezo inkjet photo machine

Common sense one:

After the piezoelectric digital printing machine is generally used for a certain period of time, a lot of dirt will accumulate in the balls of the carriage slider, causing large resistance, thick spots, ghosting, etc., so the carriage guide rails should be cleaned regularly. That is, after shutdown, add a few drops of sewing machine lubricant to the carriage rail (you must not add other lubricants), then manually move the carriage left and right, and finally wipe the oil and dirt on the guide rail with a lint-free cloth or tissue. If you need to use the machine 24 hours a day, there must be two times to stop the digital printer on the way, about half an hour. And at this time, you need to unplug the power cord, network cable and ground wire connected to the photo machine, and touch the shell of the inkjet printing machine with your hand to discharge static electricity, so as to avoid damage to the nozzle and other circuit boards of the digital printer.

Common sense two:

The digital inkjet printer should try to maintain a certain temperature at room temperature during the work, generally about 20 ° C to 30 ° C, and the working environment should have a certain humidity, and dust / dust should be minimized. If the temperature is low, it may cause the ink supply to freeze and become unsmooth. In order to increase the activity of the ink, it must be manually heated appropriately, that is, the iron plate at the bottom of the ink cartridge is heated with a fan or heater.

Common sense three:

Observe the ink condition in the ink cartridge frequently to prevent the ink cartridge from burning out the ink nozzle or the air entering the pipe to cause ink cut. When adding ink, be sure to clean the funnel with pure water. At the same time, the sediment in the ink cartridge should be cleaned regularly to prevent dirt or ink residues from entering the pipeline and ink sac, causing the ink head to block. Be careful not to add the wrong ink, especially the digital printer(six colors, C / M / Y / K / Lc / Lm).

Common sense four:

The nozzle of the wide format digital printer should be regularly wiped with the supplied cotton swab and pure water to wipe the periphery of the ink head, as well as the blade and ink pump. In addition, pay special attention to the media clips on both sides to prevent the media from warping and scratching the ink head.

Digital printer

The piezoelectric photo machine must be maintained according to the correct method to make it last longer.