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Domestic digital printer-a brief summary of Epson encrypted and unencrypted printheads on it

In the inkjet printing industry market, domestic digital printers are selling well. Its affordable price and efficient printing performance are more cost-effective in industry applications. However, the encryption restrictions and price fluctuations of Epson's fifth-generation piezoelectric nozzles on the nozzles of domestic photo printers have always affected the printing performance of domestic photo printers and the overall price of products.

Domestic digital printer

Epson's fifth-generation piezoelectric nozzle has higher printing accuracy and faster printing speed, and at the same time maintains better stability for the digital printing machine. Therefore, Epson fifth-generation piezoelectric nozzles are widely used in many domestic photo printers to provide better inkjet printing effects for inkjet printing. However, in recent years, Epson's fifth-generation piezo nozzles are constantly restricting encryption, upgrading from one encryption to two encryption. We all know that the functions of the photo machine can not print wide format products after being encrypted by the fifth generation of printheads, which directly affects the application of domestic photo printers on wide format printing.

There are two types of Epson 5th generation sprinklers, encrypted and unencrypted. The following is a brief description that you can understand as a reference for selecting a sprinkler.

1. Relative to the cheaper encryption nozzle, the maximum width of printing is 32CM, and the limitation of printing width can be solved by adding the relevant nozzle decryption card. All of our piezoelectric photo machines are upgraded with the latest control board, which can perfectly support the unencrypted and encrypted nozzles of Epson 5th generation nozzles. Users can purchase and use with confidence.

2. The unencrypted head is the original Epson fifth-generation printhead, and there is no print width limitation. Because the current supply is relatively small, the price is relatively expensive. Some merchants even hoarded the previously unencrypted supply of 5th generation nozzles. When they saw that the nozzles had been rising, they were unwilling to ship them. In the case of out of stock, there is a case of using one less one in the 5th generation nozzle.

In addition, the impact on the domestic photo machine is that the tension of the Epson fifth-generation nozzles has created unspoken rules in the industry. The nozzles have also appeared in a price situation one day, and the prices are rising together. No guarantee, no refund, no exchange. In addition, there are many dismantling heads or refurbished heads on the market now. Please pay attention to each user when purchasing. It is recommended that users purchase from regular channels.

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For the future development of domestic large format inkjet printers, to get rid of this dilemma, either have a print head with its own intellectual property rights, or turn to other print heads or other types of Epson print heads.