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Wide format digital printer-the reason why its printing speed becomes slow

The rapid development of wide format digital printer in recent years and the large demand for the market for advertising printing equipment are sufficient to prove the rapid growth of piezoelectric photo machines and the wide application of piezoelectric photo machines in various industries. The use of the photo machine not only brings convenience to our advertising spray paintings, but also creates profits for us. In the process of using the photo machine at ordinary times, careful users may find that the printing speed of the photo machine tends to slow down after a long time. What is going on with this question?

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Why is the printing speed normal at the beginning of the photo printer, and why will it slow down after a period of printing? For this problem, we can find the reason from the following aspects.

1. First check the inkjet printing machine, for example, the relevant printing PASS settings used when the photo machine is printing. Whether the related servo motor is operating normally and whether the driving belt of the motor is loose or too tight, which will hinder the operation of the photo car, etc., shall be eliminated one by one. These are the problems that will affect the printing speed of the photo machine on the machine.

2. The above method eliminates the problem of the large format inkjet printer itself, that is, the hardware or configuration problems. The next possible reason is the problem of the computer and system connected to the photo machine. Use a computer to connect the photo machine to print out. The computer operating system uses a printing software program. When importing pictures and printing in the software, the computer system will perform a data transmission between the photo machine. If this data transmission is a USB interface, it is transmitted through the USB data cable and the photo machine. If you use the network port network interface to connect, it is network transmission. During the printing process, the computer operating system will generate image file data processing cache files, and related programs will occupy system resources. Too many temporary files are generated, which will exhaust system resources and slow down the printing speed of the photo machine. This is why the photo machine is normal when it is printed, and it will slow down after a long time. At this time, we need to optimize the system and clean up the relevant cache files, so as to ensure that the photo machine has enough running buffer space when printing out, to ensure the normal data transmission and the smooth printout of the photo machine.

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For the cache cleaning of the computer system, the following method can be used: the computer system disk, that is, the C disk, to reserve enough remaining space, it is recommended to free up more than 10GB of remaining space. Normally, you should organize and archive the computer system files. Do not store a large number of pictures and printed picture files on the desktop or the C drive directory. You should develop a timely arrangement and clear the useless files on the desktop. Find the Temp folder in the system disk directory, and the cache file storage directory where the printing software runs, clear and organize, or use the system's disk fragmentation program organizing tool to organize the C drive. In this way, it will create a high-quality environment for the operation computer connected to the photo machine, and at the same time, it can better avoid the problem that the photo machine will slow down after a long printing time.