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The applicability of printer ink is one of the factors for printer transformation

The applicability and compatibility of printer ink in inkjet production is one of the factors for upgrading and transformation. With the rapid development of the advertising printing industry, the expectations of companies for advertising companies are becoming more and more clear, and the advertising companies are becoming more and more clear about themselves. The requirements of advertising companies on equipment and consumables are also getting higher and higher, so there are new requirements in the selection of ink printing consumables.

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Whether it is an advertisement production business or a user, from the perspective of the development trend of inkjet painting in recent years, they are showing an increasing preference for simplicity and individuality. Both dress and decoration are popular, and the products in this style are almost always short-lived, and the update speed is very fast. For example, in the application of oil painting reproduction products, manual reproduction was used in the past, the effect is very perfect, and the use period is very long. When people decorate their homes with oil paintings, they like to hang them for a few months and then change their moods. Digital copy oil paintings meet personalized services. Various copying schemes have appeared and various devices have been used. During this process, some models were gradually eliminated. For example, thermal foam photo machines are used less and less, piezoelectric photo machines are also biased towards highly stable equipment, and the related ink applications used have also changed.  Therefore, the type of inkjet ink currently used also determines the direction of the product and materials of the inkjet printing equipment.

For example, the application of water-based dye sublimation ink among ink types, water-based dye ink is also the earliest in the development of ink, and still has a considerable amount. The price of this kind of ink is relatively low, there are many manufacturers, the technology is very mature, the environmental protection performance is good, the color is colorful, and the gloss is rich. But this kind of ink also has its shortcomings, such as not having a good waterproof ability, and easily fading in water. Therefore, the application of water-based dye ink must be treated on the surface. The water-based pigment ink in the inkjet ink, which has water-based environmental protection characteristics and water resistance, is sought after by everyone. In the past two years, it has developed very fast in this industry, especially in the high-end market, but The weakness of this type of ink is that the color is matte and has no brilliant gloss. This shortcoming has become an advantage in Europe.

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In addition, it is also the most popular ink type in the application of the most mainstream environmentally friendly eco solvent ink. It has very good compatibility and usability in the application of piezoelectric photo machine, has super environmental protection characteristics, and also has very good waterproof characteristics, and is colorful and shiny, can be printed on the oil painting without coating Cloth or other materials have greatly expanded the high-quality compatibility of the piezoelectric photo machine to the medium, which is a strong driving force for the future development of this industry.