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Sublimation Printing On Textile And Fabric

Sublimation printing on fabric permanent and cannot flake off like some types of ink will, particularly garment inks used for t-shirts or inks printed on rigid substrates. Durability and appearance are the biggest advantages of dye sublimation prting on fabric and garments.

sublimation transfer paper
Sublimation printing on textiles are popular for soft signage and interior decoration since they preserve the fabric’s natural drape and texture. Sublimation printing is also used for personalizing hard goods from snowboards and skateboards to aluminium displays and traffic signs.It is easy to wonder what it is about this process that makes it so special and effective; it is really a process worth knowing.  The process of dye sublimation printing takes place with the help of dye sublimation printers that allow t-shirt printing businesses to print photo-lab quality photos right in their counter-tops. As the price of these printers go down, it becomes easier for businesses to print top quality designs on t-shirts and other items as well.
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Sublimation printing has a vast range of applicarion,which are diverse and used in various markets. Examples of popular soft signage applications are banners, flags and sportswear. Customized interior decoration items are also in demand. Just think about custom-made curtains, table-cloths and lamp shades. Also the fashion industry and photographers are keen on sublimated textiles.It can be seen for us that the sublimation technique has large market potential and good perspectives.