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Digital textile printing-about the storage method and attention of its consumables

Digital textile printing is a common printing phenomenon, if you want the digital printing machine to output delicate and perfect models, in addition to a high-precision digital printing machine, the quality of consumables is also an indispensable part. How to keep the consumables of digital printing machine from being damaged during storage? What should I pay attention to?

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1. Operating environment: temperature:

The temperature of inkjet printing :18 ~ 30 ° C (65 ~ 85 ° F), relative humidity: 20 ~ 65%, too low temperature and humidity will easily generate static electricity, affect paper feeding accuracy and printing accuracy, and damage 
the ink head and printer circuit board.

2. Stock storage and transportation:

Please store under relatively stable environmental conditions (temperature difference should not be too large), avoid high temperature and direct sunlight, and keep the ground and air dry. It is recommended to place it horizontally before use. The stacking layer should not exceed 8 layers, and no heavy objects can be stacked on it. Handle with care when handling and using, do not throw, to avoid the pressure marks, wrinkles and cracks caused by squeezing, rubbing and puncturing hard objects. After unwinding, care should be taken to protect both ends of the material to avoid damage due to extrusion deformation.

3. Unwinding use:

After opening the package, all operations should be carried out with soft white cotton gloves to avoid scratches on the surface of the product or contamination with sweat and stains. The unused material should be put back into the moisture-proof bag, plug the plugs at both ends, and then put it back in the packaging box, try to avoid excessive contact with the air, and prevent the ink absorption coating from absorbing moisture in the air and affecting the ink absorption performance.

4. Print output:

Do not use low-quality compatible printing inks (especially some inks mixed with pure water), it is recommended to use original inks or reliable compatible inks to ensure printing results. Some inferior inks may seriously affect printing, and the printing accuracy is extremely low, chromatic aberration, stacking ink, ink bleeding, ink bleeding, etc. Before output, you should try printing with small samples to observe the effect, and then adjust it in the printing software to get the best output effect. Please refer to the printer manual for other precautions during printing.

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5. Post-processing:

After printing, do not touch the screen before the ink is completely dry. It should be placed horizontally to allow it to dry sufficiently. When laminating, pay attention to clean environment to avoid excessive dust affecting the 
laminating effect.