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Inkjet printing machine- the influence of different voltages on its nozzle and printing

The service life of the piezoelectric nozzle of inkjet printing machine is a very important factor. The printing effect of the nozzle determines the image clarity and color effect of the output of the printing machine. In the daily printing and printing output of the photo machine, different voltages have different effects on the print head.

Inkjet printing machine

The voltage of the print head has different effects on the printing of the digital inkjet printer, because the voltage of the print head can determine the bending degree of the piezoelectric ceramic inside the print head. Therefore, the high voltage can also increase the inkjet volume, the lower the better without affecting the picture quality. Practice has proved that the voltage exceeding 32V may encounter frequent ink breakage of the nozzle, and the service life will be reduced.

In addition, the high voltage used by the photo machine will increase the bending of the piezoelectric ceramic of the nozzle, which is in a high-frequency oscillation state, so the piezoelectric crystal inside the nozzle is extremely prone to fatigue and damage. And the working voltage of the nozzle is too low will affect the saturation of the picture. Therefore, the working voltage of the nozzle between 28V-32V is more suitable.

In different brands of photo machine products, different photo machine power supply voltages have different requirements for ink viscosity. A high printhead voltage requires a high ink viscosity, and a low printhead voltage requires a low ink viscosity, which is proportional. The ink viscosity is too low, the ink is too diluted, the inkjet speed is fast. When the ink is sprayed onto the lamp cloth, it will be reflected back to the nozzle, causing the ink to accumulate on the nozzle, causing the nozzle to block, especially when the photo machine sprays the same color for a long time. If the voltage of the nozzle is high and the viscosity of the ink is low, it will cause excessive ink jetting and too fast speed. The ink dots will reflect to the bottom of the nozzle to form ink droplets to block the nozzle, and burrs and floating ink will also appear. In addition, if the voltage of the nozzle is low and the viscosity of the ink is high, the ink will not be ejected, the color block will be uneven, and it will not be full.

Digital printer

Therefore, in the inkjet printing work of the wide format digital printer, the influence of the voltage on the nozzle is also very large. Therefore, in the use and maintenance of the print head of the photo machine, it is very important to adjust the voltage of the print head and replace the original high-quality ink that is compatible with the manufacturer, so that the photo machine can print and print a more perfect image for you.