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UV flatbed inkjet printing machine-simple analysis of the performance of it

The UV flatbed inkjet printing machine can print on a wide range of materials, such as crystal, PVC, acrylic, glass, lamp cloth and other surfaces for color image printing. No matter whether it is a full-color pattern or an over-colored pattern, inkjet printing can be performed. The UV digital printer has a wide range of applications such as high-precision, instant-on-dry, and stand-by sampling. UV digital printers can meet the immediate and desirable delivery needs of enterprise customers, which has made a huge breakthrough in the processing industry. Whether it is sampling or production, UV inkjet printers are very convenient.

UV flatbed inkjet printing machine

The large format UV flatbed printer uses non-contact inkjet technology. The UV inkjet printer has a wide range of inkjet printing. It can not only perform printing operations on uneven surfaces, like some soft materials that are easily deformed, but also can perform inkjet printing. Various shapes such as circles, arcs, and flat surfaces Can achieve inkjet work.

The working principle of the UV flatbed digital machine is simple. Usually, a nozzle is responsible for one color. To print a beautiful and gorgeous pattern, the UV flatbed machine must have four basic colors, namely C, K, M, and Y. The number of inkjet heads is usually consistent with the color fineness and gradient effect of the image to be printed.

The UV inkjet machine industry is widely used, whether it is in the signage industry, decoration and decoration industry, exhibition and display industry, cardboard packaging industry, or in the leather spinning and printing industry, the personalized characteristics of the UV inkjet machine make the business scope of printed products also continue Expansion, UV flat panel machine can play its advantages. When printing images, UV inkjet printers are not limited by materials, and can span various media materials, such as ceramics, metals, acrylics, and plastics. Regardless of whether it is a soft material or a hard material, the inkjet printer can meet the printing needs, as long as it is within the specified thickness range.

UV printer
The UV flatbed digital printer uses UV environmentally friendly ink, no plate-making costs, low cost, good performance, ready to print. The printing effect of the UV flatbed machine is also extremely surprising, and its investment cost is not high. The UV digital printer has a wide range of inkjet printing, not only for printing on uneven surfaces. Like some soft materials that are easily deformed, they can also be used for inkjet printing. Various shapes such as circles, arcs and planes can be used for UV inkjet printers. In the printing process, high-precision printing, the printed image is realistic, the picture is exquisite, the photo quality is high, waterproof, sunscreen, UV-proof, etc. At the same time, it also has wear resistance, damage resistance and scratch resistance, safe and environmentally friendly without fading.