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Photo machine- why does the size of its image printed shorten or lengthen?

In the production of photo machine advertising printing, there are often very strict requirements on the accuracy of the size of the printed image. If the output of the image screen is too long or short, especially when the size of the output image of the inkjet print is reduced, the overall layout effect of the inkjet advertising image will be affected.

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Why does the size of the image printed and printed on the inkjet printer shorten or lengthen? How to solve some problems in the process of inkjet printing?

First of all, on the stepping accuracy of the digital printing machine, if the device can adjust the "stepping", you can set it, or perform the "compensation setting".

Furthermore, in the factor of printing paper media in the digital printer, because different materials have different thicknesses, different grammages, and different surface roughness, the friction coefficient is different, so the resistance of the material forward is different, and the advance is slow or slow, but the nozzle The running speed of the ink car is the same. Therefore, during production, compensation value correction is required, that is, the machine step parameters are carefully adjusted according to different materials.

In the printing process of the inkjet printer, the problem of the storage of the printing paper media is to continuously relax the material in advance in the place where the roll is unrolled, and reduce the resistance of the roll material to advance. In the production process, there will be two phenomena of shortening and elongation, which is closely related to the tightness of the material. At the beginning, the material is relatively thick and the resistance is large, which is easy to shorten the picture, and the picture is easy to produce "horizontal stripes". The material is getting thinner and thinner, which is prone to stretch the picture. The problem of lengthening or shortening has a great impact on the quality of the inkjet image screen products. For example, the stitching is not right, the length of the mounting screen is different, and the length of the screen after mounting is different.

The solution to the problem that the painting surface of the inkjet printing machine will shorten or lengthen:

1. Pay attention to the correctness of the size when designing and outputting the image of the inkjet image. When importing pictures using the relevant RIP software, it is necessary to keep the original size of the image unchanged, to avoid the image size reduction and the actual image size change due to the recognition operation during import.

2. For customers with high size requirements of digital textile printer, a production process meeting must be held to ensure that production-related links are highly valued. The inkjet typesetting files cannot be arranged too long. The step parameters of the inkjet printing machine should be adjusted well, and it is required to be controlled within a section of three meters.

3. For small-format advertising printing posters that need to be die-cut, because customers are extremely sensitive to size or pattern, they must be strictly prevented from being elongated or shortened. The correctness of  parameters must be tested before production to increase the intensity of random inspection.

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Do careful inspection, rigorous operation and inkjet production, and minimize the unrelated errors to affect the size of the printer's inkjet printout.