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Digital inkjet printer-how to effectively guarantee the data transmission integrity of it?

The rapid development of advertising printing, technology and performance of digital inkjet printer have been greatly improved, and the multifunctional and stable photo machine is more effective to meet the user's needs. At the same time, product performance and leading technology are also the guarantee of the brand and quality of domestic photo machine.

Digital inkjet printer

In addition to high-efficiency use stability, the digital printing machine uses high-quality photo machine accessories, and it also achieves the greatest data transmission integrity in data transmission. it is good.

The photo machine performs online operation with the computer, performs typesetting and data processing on the pictures and images through the RIP software on the computer operating system, and then exchanges data through the USB or network cable between the computer and the photo machine, and then controls the motherboard system through the photo machine Data processing, finally realize the inkjet printing of the image screen. Here, it is worth noting that users of photo machines should rush to use inferior USB data cables or use USB cables that are too long and have no magnetic ring and no shield layer, which will affect the connection and data transmission of the photo machine, and there will be no connection or The problem of large data transmission is too slow or lost, which affects the interruption of the printing of the photo or the continuity of the drawing. In addition, if it is a photo machine with a network port interface, use a good quality network cable. It is best to choose a copper core network cable with a shielding layer. Note that all directly affect the rapid and complete transmission between the data processed by RIP and the photo machine.

In addition, if there is a frequent interruption of the data transfer of the photo machine, in addition to the data line, it may also be a problem on the computer side, such as the use of pirated software, software conflicts, failures, and compatibility issues. Because it is more troublesome to eliminate the software, you can start with the hardware, replace a data cable to see if the problem still exists, and then uninstall and reinstall software. In addition, just do it thoroughly, reinstall the system directly, and then install the software to solve the problem.

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The high-performance large format inkjet printer can not only print and print high-quality images for us, ensure the high-definition display of images and the maximum reproducibility of colors, but also achieve rich color effects.