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Operation of UV flatbed printer nozzle and analysis of auxiliary parts

First of all, we can start from the step of standardizing the operation of UV flatbed printer nozzles.

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Although, the operation method of the current UV flatbed printing machine has been simplified a lot, almost entirely for computer software operation, the method is very simple. However, during operation, it is still not possible to operate carelessly and at will. Because the flatbed printer is a very large machine, the internal system is very complicated. If the operation is not standardized or if multiple keys are pressed or multiple functions are operated within a short period of time, the flatbed printer will be unable to cope with it and cause malfunctions such as crashes. These operations make the nozzle continue to be in the printing state without printing, which is easy to wear out the nozzle. 

In addition, we need to clean the print head before and after printing on the flatbed printer. When cleaning, do not use ordinary paper towels or cloth to wipe, otherwise it will be very easy to make the nozzle contaminated with dust and fibers, causing the nozzle to block.

Secondly, we should pay attention to the selection of auxiliary parts for flatbed printers.

Flatbed printers are well-made and do not install a useless part, so do not disassemble any parts on the flatbed printer at will. Always check and firmly install the flatbed printer parts, and do not let the data cable come off or become loose. Especially the air filters on the main ink tank and the sub ink tank, which are easily mixed with various particles of dust, will contaminate the ink, and will cause wear on the nozzle and nozzle parts.

Some flatbed printers have a ground wire and heat sink connected to the nozzle. The ground wire can effectively eliminate static electricity and prevent the nozzle from being worn or attracting dust. When the working time of the flatbed printer nozzle is slightly longer, please pay attention to the temperature of the flatbed printer nozzle and ensure that the heat sink works normally.

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Last but not least, the grounding facilities of wide format UV printers must be perfect. In the workshop of the flatbed printer, static electricity will be caused by the friction of invisible air particles, and the static electricity will cause huge damage to the various system environments of the flatbed printer.