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Advertising inkjet printer-analysis and solution when it fails to draw ink

When printing on the printing surface of the advertisement, if the advertising inkjet printer prints blank or does not produce ink, many of the reasons are due to the ink extraction failure of the printer, such as the clogging of the ink tube or the leakage of the ink tube is not good. This is the problem.

Advertising inkjet printer

For example, the fault phenomenon is: the eco-solvent printing machine does not print ink. When manual or automatic ink is drawn, the ink can not be drawn, the photo machine ink pump does not drop the ink for half a day, or when using the ink absorber mobile phone to draw ink, it takes a lot of effort to draw the ink, or the ink is drawn For air, without seeing the ink down, etc., these phenomena are more common conditions for the ink pump failure of the photo machine. If you find that there is a lot of resistance when using the ink absorber to manually draw ink, and there is no ink flowing into the syringe, it can be concluded that the pipeline is blocked, and you can check and eliminate the fault in the following order.

1. To eliminate the clogging method of the print head, first separate from the ink tube of the print head of the photo machine, pull away the interface between the ink bag and the ink tube, and use the ink absorber to draw ink to see if it can draw ink. If ink is available, the print head may be clogged instead of the ink tube being clogged. If the nozzle is clogged, please refer to the cleaning method of the nozzle to deal with it, which is not detailed here.

2. Eliminate the print head from the above method, and then the problem may be the ink tube or ink cartridge. If the ink absorber needs a lot of force to pump, it may be that the ink tube is blocked somewhere. At the ink cartridge, remove the blockage or clean the ink tube. If it is easy to pull the ink absorber when the ink absorber draws ink, the air is drawn. At this time, the ink tube may be leaking. For example, the interface between the ink tube and the ink cartridge is not well sealed, or the ink tube is broken somewhere, so the air leaks. Check this. Reinstall the dial at the interface to ensure good contact and tightness. If the ink tube breaks, the ink tube needs to be replaced again.

Digital printer

The above method can basically solve the problem of the ink pump ink tube of digital printer. If the above problems are eliminated, the problem may be in the ink bag. The ink bag can be replaced to solve the problem.