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UV flatbed inkjet printing machine-how to extend the life of it

UV flatbed inkjet printing machine is the perfect combination of UV curing ink and digital printing technology, and its appearance has been widely recognized by customers. The UV flatbed inkjet printer has a very high working efficiency and inkjet quality. It can color inkjet paint on a variety of material surfaces. Not only can it print soft materials, but it can also develop in a variety of directions, such as glass, wood, floor tiles, ceilings, Ceramics and other materials can be printed with beautiful patterns, which is the development trend of digital inkjet technology. Using this technology, you can spray whatever you want, fast speed and high accuracy. Not only has the advantages of ordinary inkjet printers, but also achieves a multi-purpose machine, it is a better supplement for the screen printing industry.

UV flatbed inkjet printing machine

Speaking of the application of UV flatbed inkjet printers in outdoor advertising inkjet paintings, then talk about the main points of UV flatbed inkjet printers in outdoor advertising inkjet painting. Generally, when we operate a UV flatbed printer to output outdoor advertising screens, the media is usually advertising cloth (commonly known as light box cloth). Oily ink is used. In order to ensure the durability of the screen, the color of the screen is generally darker than the color on the display. The actual output image resolution only needs about 30 ~ 45dpi (contrast according to printing requirements).

In addition, the inkjet image is best stored in .tif format, but it is easy to transfer and can be stored in .jpe format (quality needs to be more than 10). CorelDraw, Freehand, and Illustrator files must all convert text to curves. It is 
strictly prohibited to have a single black value in the inkjet image, and C, M, and Y colors must be added to form a mixed black. If it is big black, it can be made into C = 50, M = 50, Y = 50, K = 100. Especially when using the 
effects in Photoshop, pay attention to changing the black part to four-color black, otherwise there will be horizontal lines on the black part on the screen, affecting the overall effect. 

Everyone knows that UV flatbed inkjet printers are more expensive. In order to extend the service life of UV flatbed inkjet printers, usually we should pay attention to the following points when using UV flatbed inkjet printers:          

1. The maintenance of the nozzle of UV flatbed digital printer should pay attention to anti-static and anti-drying phenomenon.               

2. It is best to wet the surface of the print head with solvent cleaning solution and sponge after not using the UV flatbed printer, so as to prevent the print head from being disconnected due to over-drying.

3. If the temperature is too high, some domestic flat-bed UV flatbed printers will cause fly-scrabbing. It is recommended to control the indoor temperature, and indoor cleaning is the best maintenance for the nozzle and the machine.

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