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High-speed industrial digital printing-what kind of nozzle can meet its needs

High-speed industrial digital printing has been developed for more than 20 years, but high-speed digital printing machines have really begun to be accepted by the market for only 2-3 years in recent years. For digital printing technology, now is the breakthrough period of rapid development of technology. The joint efforts of printheads, inks, machinery, and integrators are required to accelerate the improvement and maturity of the technology. Among many factors, the nozzle is the leader of the entire technology, so it is more important.

High-speed industrial digital printing

So, what kind of print head can meet the needs of high-speed digital printing? Through research, the following three points are the most critical:

(1) Durability and long service life:

The nozzle is considered to be the most expensive component in the whole machine. The more high-speed production, the larger the size and number of nozzles. Once the loss cost is great, the printing and dyeing factory requires the nozzles to be more durable.

(2) Uniform and stable printing at high speed:

For printing and dyeing plants to switch digital printing machines from their inherent production lines, at least acceptable speed and stability must be achieved.

The ejection speed of the nozzle and the ability to match the ink are critical.

In the long-term work, the ink can print smoothly and stably, reducing the possibility of drawing and plugging, and reducing the frequency of maintenance. And even if the machine rests for one night, the next day the ink is turned on, it can work normally immediately, reducing the preparation time.

(3) Meet the diverse needs of applications in different market segments:

The textile industry is divided into different categories, and has different application requirements for different fabrics and different places of use.

Digital printing

The print head used in digital inkjet printing needs to be carefully selected, it is best to choose the original print head, and select the appropriate print head according to the model of the printer.